Customer Centromere

Customers do not just look for product or service but desire their right to patronize product or service to be met with sound business acumen.

Iridescence of Insight

Well all desire and acquire knowledge and understanding but we but very few of us have the capacity to live the responsibility knowledge and understanding bestow on us.
How do we learn live to live the responsibility of knowledge and understanding.

Prostate Gland – Male Reproductive Chamber and Mixer

The appendix at the lower end of the large intestine is viewed by many as an insignificant body part. However, when impacted it can lead to death of the large human. Like the appendix, the prostate gland at some point in time was not properly understood. The increased recurrence of prostatic in male has giving…

Behind the Mirror

Every mirror definately reflects but what is made of the reflection is subject to many interpretations.

Strategy S01E04: Proactive Stratification

**[One Year later]** **[A normal working day at Strategy Nigeria Limited. Proffering solution to an organization in the oil and gas industry on how to optimize service delivery and increase profit in an economic recession]** Edward: *[Each peering at laptop in front of them]* You all must have looked up our client’s profile on the…