Love comes with so many words

Music sings much about love in songs

Drama actualize love in portrayed acts

Sport spots all humankind unite

Freedom ignites the feeling of hope and rest.

Humanity ever searching for means of existence

Existence found existence lost

The morning of existence comes unnoticed

Carried through field of thistles we all become

Pieced we all are when we noted existence

We healed and healed but we are unable

The piecing so deep at start of existence

If there was somewhere else known before “why did existence change my place for this kind”

Maybe I will be pieced some more “so why this existence”

Existence found existence lost

The afternoon rushes in just before morning fades

Looking at the afternoon reminds how the morning arches

The sunshine adds to the lingering pain of the piece“ I have stood” you yield, “yet my feet are stuck in holes”

Everywhere is bright, movement is not possible still

Afternoon holds nothing but stress of existence “Come along with us” they geared as if they’ve mastered existence

We all are the same with nothing accomplished in the afternoon

Existence we found and as the eye blinked we lost it

It is evening and afternoon has left with pain of heart not time for veinless pursuit but to reminisce

This heart full of mysteries is gradually coming to rest

Existence places us on feet that “no longer moves”

Muscles that can “no longer struggle”

Faces that calls out loud “I shouldn’t have existed

Vision that has no interest to pry the future

“Did I find existence or existence found me”

May it loose me just this very moment

Night oh night, should I be glad or maybe sad

I knew it will come but it waited too long

The lingering pain of the morning, the added stress in the afternoon, the evening of less activity

And thoughtfulness makes night to be longed for

Yes! Yes!! Yes!!! I can rest now. I will rest until

A better existence finds me at nonexistence

Let that existence find me that will not stress nor loose me.

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