Indemnity S01E01

**[In a city bustling with social activities ranging from low and middle class citizens and the crème de la crème. The presence of foreigners in the city engaged in mining black gold adds to the glitters and glamour. Three young ladies in their late teens are cut up in the frenzy of the ever waiting young men and young men at heart. Anniel, Tinu and, Mimi had a hand full of men at their beck and call. There curvy, fully built body made them worthy of contemplation.]**
**[It was a cool windy Saturday early evening, all academics is behind these stunning beauties. It was the week after their final exams. How else will they seem best to savor the glamour of the city than to go to one spot where the air infuses romance.]**
Mimi: *[Speaking flirtatiously]* girls remember each time we come by this arena, we barely keep the men from having us as desert.
Anniel: We always go home with lots and lots of cash that we don’t even lack.

Tinu: *[A little bit hesitant]* Anniel, you’re from a very wealthy family and Mimi, you’re from a middle class family. Of the three of us *[gazing at both of them at interval]* it seems I’m the only one justified to come through this life’s path.

Mimi: *[Speaking sarcastically feelings]* Any how, we’ve been partners in crime all these years, are we going to stop now? *[With air of authority]* I don’t think so!

Tinu: Babes, I’m just saying. *[Pensively]* You girls know this is the only way I can guaranty a ticket to the university. I’ve to save every penny I can but you my friends, have you parents to back you up through university.

**[Everyone in the city seem to be cut up in the euphoria of the early evening soothing wind caresses. Eateries are packed full. Social and business transactions are ongoing. The three beauties decided on the one eatery that exhibit the most aura for the sweetness they felt.]** **[As they walked in, it seemed as though all the men stopped breathing. The beauties lavishly walk to an available table, with their body fitted, cleavage showing, micro mini gown, browsing the tables for the men that is best soothed for their charm. And the men they got]**

Man 1: *[Chocolate brown skinned, 6 footer with broad shoulders, with Barry tone voice]* What are charming beauties like you doing out here by yourselves?

Anniel: *[Coquettishly]* Who wants to know?

Man 1: *[With a broad smile]* I know you ladies want to be alone but I know you beauties will enjoy been alone with my friends and I *[pointing to a table across the hall way]*

**[Its almost like the romantic infusion of the day hand picked these 3 men for they are not the type that can be resisted by ladies either. As the ladies walk across, most of the men in the eatery wished they were walking to them or better still that are the ones walking with them. These beauties sure know how to make the men feel uneasy between their thighs. They parade every endowment nature has bestowed on them. Man 1 walked tall like a winner of a highly priced trophy. His friends at the table could not hide their satisfaction as they waited the presence of the pride of all the men in the eatery.]**

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