Indemnity S01E02

**[All 4 walked towards the table as ifin a fashion parade. Whether by attraction or in honor of the ladies, the other 2 men stood simultaneously. One of the men quickly grabbed an additional chair to make the chairs on the table six. All three men waited for the ladies to be seated]**

Man 1: *[Invitingly]* Ladies, let me introduce you. Here is Wyatt, he is a senior expat personnel in the firm I also work for. Then meet Jide but I call him JD, he owns a company in the city that keeps him above the rest. *[Sits down]* Maybe one of you guys should introduce me.

Wyatt: *[In his American ascent]* The guy that hosted you ladies to us is Duru, he is also a senior personnel in the firm I also work for.

Duru: Hey! Stewing me in my own juice, right?

Jide: * [Patronizingly]* Ladies, we’re highly elated to have you on our table.

Anniel: We are the ladies that gives the paint you guys want to paint the town with.

Wyatt: I love your use of literary.

Duru: So can we meet you ladies?

Mimi: *[Striking a rather seductive pose]* The black beauty of the 3 of us is Tinu. The bold beauty there is Anniel. Maybe one of the babes should introduce me.

Duru: *[Shuckles]* You ladies are really exciting to be with.

Tinu: *[With a blush]* The fairy goddess is by Mimi.

**[At this point every other lady in the eatery are struggling to have the attention of their male partners. Other ladies knew they had a lot to contend with of the 3 beauties.]**

Wyatt: *[Beckoning at a waiter]* Please come take our orders.

Anniel: *[Focusing at Wyatt]* You must be having ladies jumping on your laps in your country.

Wyatt: *[Flirtatiously]* You can say that again.

Duru: Ladies, give your orders to the waiter.

Mimi: Babes, these guys are really ready for us.

Tinu: I don’t eat too much.

**[They all ate to there fill with so much exchange of glances and suggestive body languages. The evening brightness is gradually fading away for when any can fall for the scintillating fauna of lights in the city]**

Duru: *[sitting slouch]* With you ladies, time is of no essence. Never new it’s already 6.45pm.

Mimi: We are all out for the fun of the Saturday fever.

Jide: Do we take it that you ladies don’t mind spending more time with us?

Tinu: What do you have on you mind?

Wyatt: Is it ok we take a ride across the city to a special place?

**[All 3 men appeared to have telepathically decided on which of the ladies to partner with for rest of the night and the 3 ladies endorsed there respective choices of either of them. Duru to Mimi, Wyatt to Anniel and, Jide to Tinu.]** **[They caused quite a stare as they stepped out of the eatery, headed for a Toyata Praddo SUV parked adjacent to the eatery.]**

Mimi: *[Girls glancing at each other]* Awesome! Babes, these guys are bad!

Jide: *[Clicking on the auto unlock.]* Ladies, let’s go cruising.

**[Jide walked over to the driver’s side, Duru opened the back passenger door and asked that he gets to the rear seat before the ladies get in. As the ladies got in, Wyatt shut the door and entered the front passenger seat.]** **[Unknown to the rest, Jide’s plan is to drive all to one of the exotic hotels in the city]**

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