The Year

All frenzy starts the year Renewed zeal to archive 
Promises and hopes without fear 

Let’s face it, it’s January 
Anticipation steering all over 

Awaken to aspiration and dreams

Yet allowance to be an archiver

It’s still the start of the year, February

Concerns of delayed goals

Retrace expectation and aspiration

Lumps of anxiety gobbles

Chuckles of frustration, it’s already March
Pensive at what may lay ahead   

How could all have zoomed by

No! No! Still can walk up head

Sighs of inner strength, another quarter, April

Cautious of what to hope for

Obsessed about success

Recoil at the fear of failure

Giant of optimism about this month May

Race back to starting line

Retrospective images cast on mind

First half of the year yet wobbling

Oh my world, it can’t already be June.

Ding dong the year

Ding dong the year

Dulls away unheard

It’s not any louder, July

Gasp at pressure to succeed

Goblet full of motivation

Gullet hardly could swallow

Gosh! In reality it’s August

Plans parade the year

Thoughts how do remember

Ailing conclusion to bear

Now rolling to end September

Bring on all plans ahead

Mixed feelings about the year

Take stock, much hasn’t happened

What’s with the fourth quarter October

Now the year rolls to an end

Only thoughts of hopes flashes

Now the year makes for worries

After this one more to go, November
Mode swing as the year ends

How could it have all gone by

How would another year be

It’s hurting it’s already December

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