Surprising Cause of Heart Attack and Stroke And How To Prevent It.


World Health Organization (WHO) announced recently the disturbing news that 1.3 million people die every year of heart attack caused by a somewhat surprising cause.You’ve been told to eat healthy, exercise, reduce stress and lower cholesterol and high blood pressure to improve your heart health.

…but a new factor has nothing to do with that.

WHO’s warning was based on a new PLO’s medicine study where researchers released primary results from a 10-year ongoing multi-ethnic study of atherosclerosis and air pollution.

During the study, researchers followed a group of 6,000 people, aged 45-84, all living in the six biggest and most polluted cities in the US.

None of the study participants were suffering from heart conditions prior to the research.

At the beginning of the study investigators measured the thickness of the carotid artery that supplies blood to the brain, neck.

When they followed up 10 years later, they discovered that those exposed to frequent high polluted developed thicker blood vessels and arteries much quicker than those living in areas with cleaner air.

This proves that people who are exposed to high levels of air pollution have much higher risks of developing cardiovascular diseases like stroke and atherosclerosis.

The good news is that when people moved away to the less polluted areas the impact of the pollution to cardiovascular health was dramatically reduced.

If you can’t change your place of living permanently into a less polluted environment, at least give yourself a small “clean air” vacation as often as possible. Organize a trip to the nearest forest, mountain, or even a park.The serenity of nature and clean air has a tremendously positive impact to our overall health.

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