Death of Worker Hum-Ant

The sight of an ant mole impresses the likelihood of ant invasion at any point in time. Immediate reaction will be to destroy the mole at first sight. That reminds me of the children animated movie “Ant Bully”. We all can relate with the ant colony but little do we realize we live in a colony similar but more diverse and more complicated than the ant’s. What goes on in the ant colony is a direct representation of what goes on in our seemingly civilized colony of Intellectual Hum-ants. 

Our economy has its worker hum-ants distributed into various family units of varying living standards in the hum-ant colony. We classify ourselves in the colony as poor, middle class and, very rich. Whatever classification we fall into, there will always be a Worker Hum-ant, who bears the messiah role. Struggles to ensure his/her unit in the hum-ant colony survives. Starts the day when nature has not started the day. Yet continues with the day even after nature has ended the day. Coming through the day faced with hostile predators internally and externally. Each predator waits to drain the life off the worker hum-ant.  

The worker hum-ant does not live its own life but the life of others in the colony. The worker hum-ant is made to work under management policies that does not give life after work only a hope of making ends meet. This kind of hope keeps the worker hum-ant active in service with no conscious realization that he/she has become a ghost of self.  

Often times unrealistic goals and targets are placed before the worker hum-ant with blood draining deadlines. What does the worker hum-ant gets? A financial tap (wages/salary) on the shoulders that does not take the worker hum-ant home.

In this part of the global colony of hum-ants, there is no safe haven no moment of respite even in the soul or sub-conscious of the worker hum-ant except in a dream world of self realization and actualization on the slanted upward climb of a corporate ladder. Unending demands upon demands from immediate and extended family, friends from past and present, church and community members, neighbors far and near all in a nested colony of inter-relationships. Many co-worker hum-ants seat back on a moment that still adds emotional pain to relate how this have impacted on their individual life’s. They all tell but just keep embracing the hard reality that they’re cut up in a quagmire of self denial for the pleasure of the non-working or unproductive hum-ants. The life of the worker hum-ant is that of downward pressure with a false sense of seeming accomplishments and successes in life. 

This worker hum-ant may either be the husband or wife, a child (male or female) – note that it’s a child does not change the stereotype. It’s even more heartrending that the worker hum-ant is an under aged child saddled with the yoke of burden. The only life the child worker hum-ant will ever know is that of satisfying the ever growing need and demand of the ever waiting beck and call of the none economic viable hum-ant in a global economy. The child worker hum-ant grows up feeling so deprived and used in a colony that has sapped every fiber of youthfulness but left for dead. 

Two deaths await the worker hum-ant. One is an economical kind, lose of source of income in the colony while the other is natural occurrence of death. None of these type of death for the worker hum-ant is ever planned for.

In a slave master relationship in the corporate world, the worker hum-ant is relieved of slavish engagement with little or know compensation for a life of self denial. A life of struggling against the elements even when the elements holds his/her life on the balance. The worker hum-ant is thrown off service to the colony of varying inter dependability. Note even concern for the life the worker hum-ant may never live.

Economic death on the part of the worker hum-ant leaves not support from the colony of varying inter dependability. The worker hum-ant is harassed, blamed, humiliated to the extent that the little hint of sanity is taking away from this sacrificial worker hum-ant. If any sympathy exist its only superficial. The worker hum-ant looks back at where the fall came from but does not see any comfort in sight.  

Even when natural death sets in for the worker hum-ant, it’s only a brief moment of silence that is used to embalm this wasted body this wasteful course. The colony gets the worker hum-ant ready for burial. Then comes the irony of it all. Every inter dependent relationship in colony suddenly finds life after the death of the worker hum-ant. While alive, the worker hum-ant is made to feel that continued life in the colony is only possible because of his/her place as the worker hum-ant. 

At the funeral it will be said it was “a life well spent”.

And the circle continues. Who is the next worker Hum-Ant? 

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