Indemnity S01E03

**[As they drive along, there is an elongated silence that makes the heart beat of each audible to all. It is rhythmic sound of fear and excitement. The silence is broken eventually.]** 

Mimi: *[Clears her throat]* Can we listen to some music as we go?

Tinu: Where exactly are we going?

Anniel: All of a sudden the vibrant guys at the eatery cannot find their tongue.

Wyatt: *[Looking]* JD is the boss with the steering and he does like distractions while driving.

Duru: I wouldn’t want to think that the three of you are scared at the moment. Not to worry beauties, you’re in safe hands.

Tinu: We have checked and you don’t look like guys that want to hurt pretty ladies.

Jide: *[With a smile on his face]* It’s 7.15pm and we’re just at the perfect place. Ladies, here is where you beauty belongs.

Anniel: You guys surely have a knack for superior taste. Bravo!

**[All alighted from the SUV. The three men are not strangers to this exotic hotel. Again like at the eatery, this stunning beauties cost guide a commotion as the walk to the reception. They kept heads turning. The three beauties definitely know what there bodies causes and they just flaunt it. Each men where handed keys to their rooms and they proudly walked on with the lady of their choice. Each lady feeling satisfied with the pack of manhood they are walking away with]**

*[In the private room of Duru and Mimi]*

Mimi: You guys must have been coming to this hotel very often.

Duru: *[Lighting up the room]* We come around for some few drinks and catch up with some other friends.

**[Both reclined on the bed talked themselves to romantic stupor]**

**[Anniel and Wyatt did not waste anytime going down to where passion will only make them one. As for Tinu and Jide, they exchange pleasantries till they became mood fixed at each other and drank the passion the chill night brought on them]**

Mimi: *[Coming off the romantic trans]* Duru, please let me check on the girls to be sure they are aware of the time.

Duru: it’s just 9.45pm. We’ll take ladies straight to your respective homes

Mimi: *[Dialing her phone]* We’ll greatly appreciate that but we have to start heading to our respective homes now.

**[Mimi dialed Anniel and Tinu prompting them to come off the passion spell and get ready for them to start heading home. Mimi, Anniel and, Tinu cuddled their men off the passion spell and pleaded with them to allow them go home now. All three men were gentleman enough to concede to the ladies passionate request. It was obvious to the three men that they had had a brew of passion like one they’ve not tasted before. All got dressed up and headed for the hotel reception.]**

**[It is certain that each are subconscious bring up to mind the moments they’ve shared together for there is stern silence as they drove along.]**

Tinu: please we’ll like to alight at this point. *[All suddenly came out of their fixation.]*

Wyatt: Pilot JD, you want to pull over for the ladies.

Duru: Ladies can we get you numbers? If we may ask.

Jide: *[Pulling on the side]* Come to think of it, we didn’t get you numbers before we left the hotel.

Mimi: I guess you guys got something more desirable than numbers

Wyatt: You ladies are full of humor

Anniel: Sorry guys we have a rule of not giving our numbers. Let what you desire of today make you find us. *[With a wink]*

**[The three ladies came of the SUV and threw kisses at the three gentlemen. They in turn threw complementary kisses at the ladies. The three ladies stood until the SUV drove out of their sight.]

Mimi: Hey! I hope you ladies used your protections.

Anniel: Come on Mimi, we know what we stand to loose should we not use our protection.

Tinu: I can’t afford to trade my place in the university next year for a fling. Should I dear to get pregnant, my father will kill me. The day he finds out I’m into this, I’m done for. As it is I’m thinking of what lie to tell that will cover for my returning late.

Mimi: Just tell him traffic. We all know how bad traffic in town has been this past few months.

Anniel: Brilliant Mimi. Tinu I can assure you that will suffice.

**[At this time it is 10.55pm. All three ladies dispersed to their respective homes by use of an Okada. Each got home to face the reaction of their respective parents]**

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