#1 Cause of Heart Attack Discovered

Nearly one million heart attacks occur in the United States every year, and the one thing they all have in common is that they have been almost impossible to predict- until now.

Countless studies have been done on risk factors and what will eventually lead to heart attack, but there hasn’t been a good model for prediction.

But a new study out of Spectrum Heath in Michigan, and led by Dr. Ryan Madder, recently uncovered an actual predictor of heart attack, leading researchers to be very excited about the potential impact of the findings.

Dr. Madder’s team examined 20 people who had recently suffered heart attack and found that in 19 of them a specific kind of plaque, characterized by a lipid or cholesterol core, was present and lined the arteries around the heart.

The exciting part of the study is that this plaque can be tested for in simple screenings, and may be the best predictor to date of an immediately impending heart attack.

Preventing this plaque from building up in the first place is almost a sure thing in preventing heart attack.


Courtesy: BlueHeron

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