Cry of Dependency Part II

The first part of cry of dependency takes a cross section of working class citizens who are amongst the 4.58 million Nigerians (NBS report of August 30, 2016) who had lost their jobs in a period less than a year six months.  
My phone call to a senior friend of mine reveals another cross section yet hit by the economic whiplash within this same period (less than one year six months). This senior friend of mine got a call from someone who thought he could have some financial support. My senior friend explained that his financial resources had been impacted on severely by once successful business associate of his who had experience an economic whiplash. My senior friend is concerned that he is also at the verge of an economic whiplash himself.

When the call ended I paused and rethought to myself. This can relate to the affluent nations to whom third world countries like ours run to complaining to us that they are at the verge of an economic whiplash themselves and so cannot afford to render any financial aid. Maybe it’s already a case of global cry of dependency. Nations crying to seemingly affluent nations only to find the rich also crying. 

Our economy has become like cancer of the blood, leukemia. The labor force is becoming extinct by the same process that should have kept them employed. Economics is relating to the process or system by which goods and services are produced, sold, and bought. The extinction of labor in all its frontiers will make our nation a vampire that feeds on itself. How does a nation develop/succeed when the number of those from whom salary income taxes are deducted remains extinct? How does a nation grow when once successful indigenous companies paying company income taxes die under the weight of cry of dependency? 

That it’s possible to recover from a whiplash is dependent on the severity. We can all feel the severity of our nations economic whiplash but can we recover from it? Only time will tell. Will the cry of dependency be listened to? We can only wait for a ear that can listen with reasoning. 

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