Indemnity S01E01-4


**[A city bustles with social activities of various kind engaged in by low and middle class citizens and the crème de la crème. The presence of foreigners in the city engaged in mining black gold adds to the glitters and glamour. Three young ladies in their late teens are cut up in the frenzy of the ever waiting young men and young men at heart. Anniel, Tinu and, Mimi had a hand full of men at their beck and call. There curvy, fully built body made them worthy of contemplation.]**

**[It was a cool windy Saturday early evening, all academics is behind these stunning beauties. It was the week after their final exams. How else will they seem best to savor the glamour of the city than to go to one spot where the air infuses romance.]**

Mimi: *[Speaking flirtatiously]* Girls remember each time we come by this arena, we barely keep the men from having us as desert.  

Anniel: We always go home with lots and lots of cash that we don’t even lack. 

Tinu: *[A little bit hesitant]* Anniel, you’re from a very wealthy family and Mimi, you’re from a middle class family. Of the three of us *[gazing at both of them at interval]* it seems I’m the only one justified to come through this life’s path.   

Mimi: *[Speaking sarcastically]* Hey! hold your peace. Who says Anniel and I does not need the money? No mind me joor.*[Comfortingly]* Tinu, we understand how you’re struggling to pay house rent and ensure that all seven of you feed in the house

Anniel: *[Lack of feelings]* Any how, we’ve been partners in crime all these years, are we going to stop now? *[With air of authority]* I don’t think so! 

Tinu: Babes, I’m just saying. *[Pensively]* You girls know this is the only way I can guaranty a ticket to the university. I’ve to save every penny I can but you my friends, have you parents to back you up through university. 

**[Everyone in the city seem to be cut up in the euphoria of the early evening soothing wind caresses. Eateries are packed full. Social and business transactions are ongoing. The three beauties decided on the one eatery that exhibit the most aura for the sweetness they felt.]** 

**[As they walked in, it seemed as though all the men stopped breathing. The beauties lavishly walk to an available table, with their body fitted, cleavage showing, micro mini gown, browsing the tables for the men that is best soothed for their charm. And the men they got]**

Man 1: *[Chocolate brown skinned, 6 footer with broad shoulders, with Barry tone voice]* What are charming beauties like you doing out here by yourselves? 

Anniel: *[Coquettishly]* Who wants to know? 

Man 1: *[With a broad smile]* I know you ladies want to be alone but I also know you beauties will enjoy been alone with my friends and I *[pointing to a table across the hall way]* 

**[Its almost like the romantic infusion of the day hand picked these 3 men for they are not the type that can be resisted by ladies either. As the ladies walk across, most of the men in the eatery wished they were walking to them or better still that they are the ones walking with them. These beauties sure know how to make the men feel uneasy between their thighs. They parade every endowment nature has bestowed on them. Man 1 walked tall like a winner of a highly priced trophy. His friends at the table could note hide their satisfaction as they waited the presence of the pride of all the men in the eatery.]** 


**[All 4 walked towards the table as if in a fashion parade. Whether by attraction or in honor of the ladies, the other 2 men stood up simultaneously. One of the men quickly grabbed an additional chair to make the chairs at the table six. All three men waited for the ladies to be seated]** 

Man 1: *[Invitingly]* Ladies, let me introduce you. Here is Wyatt, he is a senior expat personnel in the firm I work for. Then meet Jide but I call him JD, he owns a company in the city that keeps him above the rest. *[Sits down]* Maybe one of you guys should introduce me. 

Wyatt: *[In his American ascent]* The guy that hosted you ladies to us is Duru, he is also a senior personnel in the firm I work for. 

Duru: Hey! Stewing me in my own juice, right? 

Jide: * [Patronizingly]* Ladies, we’re highly elated to have you at our table. 

Anniel: We are the ladies that gives the paint you guys want to paint the town with. 

Wyatt: I love your use of literary.  

Duru: So can we meet you ladies? 

Mimi: *[Striking a rather seductive pose]* The black beauty of the 3 of us is Tinu. The bold beauty there is Anniel. Maybe one of you babes should introduce me. 

Duru: *[Shuckles]* You ladies are really exciting to be with. 

Tinu: *[With a blush]* The fairy goddess is by name Mimi. 

**[At this point every other lady in the eatery are struggling to have the attention of their male partners. Other ladies knew they had a lot to contend with of the 3 beauties.]** 

Wyatt: *[Beckoning at a waiter]* Please come take our orders. 

Anniel: *[Focusing at Wyatt]* You must be having ladies jumping on your laps in your country. 

Wyatt: *[Flirtatiously]* You can say that again. 

Duru: Ladies, give your orders to the waiter. 

Mimi: Babes, these guys are really ready for us. 

Tinu: I don’t eat too much. 

**[They all ate to there full with so much exchange of glances and suggestive body languages. The evening brightness is gradually fading away for when any can fall for the scintillating fauna of lights in the city]** 

Duru: *[sitting slouch]* With you ladies, time is of no essence. Never new it’s already 6.45pm.  

Mimi: We are all out for the fun of the Saturday fever.  

Jide: Do we take it that you ladies don’t mind spending more time with us? 

Tinu: What do you have on you mind? 

Wyatt: Is it ok we take a ride across the city to a special place? 

**[All 3 men appeared to have telepathically decided on which of the ladies to partner with for the rest of the night and the 3 ladies endorsed there respective choices of either of them. Duru to Mimi, Wyatt to Anniel and, Jide to Tinu.]** **[They caused quite a stare as they stepped out of the eatery, headed for a Toyata Praddo SUV parked adjacent to the eatery.]** 

Mimi: *[Girls glancing at each other]* Awesome! Babes, these guys are bad! 

Jide: *[Click on the auto unlock.]* Ladies, let’s go cruising.  

**[Jide walked over to the driver’s side, Duru opened the back passenger door and asked that he gets to the rear seat before the ladies get in. As the ladies got in, Wyatt shut the door and entered the front passenger seat.]** **[Unknown to the rest, Jide’s plan is to drive all to one of the exotic hotels in the city]** 


**[As they drive along, there is an elongated silence that makes the heart beat of each audible to all. It is a rhythmic sound of fear and excitement. The silence is broken eventually.]** 

Mimi: *[Clears throat]* Can we listen to some music as we go? 

Tinu: Where exactly are we going? 

Anniel: All of a sudden the vibrant guys at the eatery cannot find their tongues. 

Wyatt: *[Looking]* JD is the boss with the steering and he does like distractions while driving. 

Duru: I wouldn’t want to think that the three of you are scared at the moment. Not to worry beauties, you’re in safe hands. 

Tinu: We have checked and you don’t look like guys that will hurt pretty ladies. 

Jide: *[With a smile on his face]* It’s 7.15pm and we’re just at the perfect place. Ladies, here is where you beauty belongs. 

Anniel: You guys surely have a knack for superior taste. Bravo! 

**[All alighted from the SUV. The three men are not strangers to this exotic hotel. Again like at the eatery, this stunning beauties cost quite a commotion as they walk to the reception. They kept heads turning. The three beauties definitely know what there bodies causes and they just flaunt it. Each men where handed keys to their rooms and they proudly walked on with the lady of their choice. Each lady feeling satisfied with the pack of manhood they are walking away with]**  

*[In the private room of Duru and Mimi]* 

Mimi: You guys must have been coming to this hotel very often. 

Duru: *[Lighting up the room]* We come around for some few drinks and catch up with some other friends. 

**[Both reclined on the bed talked themselves to romantic stupor]** 

**[Anniel and Wyatt did not waste anytime going down to where passion will only make them one. As for Tinu and Jide, they exchange pleasantries till they became mood fixed at each other and drank the passion the chill night brought on them]**

Mimi: *[Coming off the romantic trans]* Duru, please let me check on the girls to be sure they are aware of the time. 

Duru: it’s just 9.45pm. We’ll take you ladies straight to your respective homes.

Mimi: *[Dialing her friends numbers]* We’ll greatly appreciate that. We have to start heading to our respective homes now. 

**[Mimi dialed Anniel and Tinu prompting them to come off the passion spell and get ready for them to start heading home. Mimi, Anniel and, Tinu cuddled their men off the passion spell and pleaded with them to allow them go home now. All three men were gentleman enough to concede to the ladies passionate request. It was obvious to the three men that they had had a brew of passion like one they’ve not tasted before. All got dressed up and headed for the hotel reception.]** 

**[It is certain that each are subconsciously bring up to mind the moments they’ve shared together for there is stern silence as they drove away from the hotel.]**

Tinu: please we’ll like to alight at this point. *[All suddenly came out of their fixation.]* 

Wyatt: Pilot JD, you want to pull over for the ladies. 

Duru: Ladies can we get you numbers? If we may ask. 

Jide: *[Pulling on the side]* Come to think of it, we didn’t get you numbers before we left the hotel. 

Mimi: I guess you guys got something more desirable than phone numbers.

Wyatt: You ladies are full of humor.

Anniel: Sorry guys we have a rule of not giving our numbers. Let your desires satisfied tonight make you find us. *[With a wink]* 

**[The three ladies came of the SUV and threw kisses at the three gentlemen. They in turn threw complementary kisses at the ladies. The three ladies stood until the SUV drove out of their sight.] 

Mimi: Hey! I hope you ladies used your protections. 

Anniel: Come on Mimi, we know what we stand to loose should we not use our protection. 

Tinu: I can’t afford to trade my place in the university next year for a fling. Should I dear to get pregnant, my father will kill me. The day he finds out I’m into this, I’m done for. As it is I’m thinking of what lie to tell that will cover for my returning late. 

Mimi: Just say traffic. We all know how bad traffic has been in town this past few months. 

Anniel: Brilliant Mimi. Tinu I can assure you that will suffice. 

**[At this time it is 10.55pm. All three ladies dispersed to their respective homes by use of an Okada. Each got home to face the reaction of their respective parents]** 


**[Tinu got home, met her father standing behind the door, almost preventing Tinu from stepping into the apartment.]**

Tinu: *[Opens the door into the apartment]* Papa, you’re still awake?  

Father: *[Not moving away from the door]* Will you go back to where you’re coming from!  

Tinu: *[Politely]* Papa, I’m sorry. I went out with my friends Mimi and Anniel. I would have been home before now but for the traffic in town. 

Father: *[Partially calm]* Tinu, that is a lame excuse. Young lady, if you waste your life out there you’ll have yourself to blame. *[Steps away from the door and walk ahead to the bedroom.]* 

**[Tinu stood mood stroke as she watched her father walk away without looking back at her. Her mother at this time had gotten out of the bedroom, stood all along at the door without uttering a word. Father walked pass her straight into the bedroom with glancing at her.]** 

**[Mother beckons at Tinu to sit on the sofa. Both sat on the sofa to engage in a mother to daughter chat.]**

Mother: Tinu, how old are you now? 

Tinu: I’m 18. 

Mother: And you look good for your age. *[Takes a reassuring posture]* At this time of your life and with the physique nature has endowed on you, you are a lily waiting to be plucked and most men will go at length to have you not as a wife but just for a fling. Your father is worried that you’ll fall victim to such men if you keep keeping late nights. 

Tinu: Mum, I only went out with my friends. 

Mother: Yes Tinu, going out with your friends is very ok but our concern is what you do and where you go with your friends. 

Tinu: Mum, please plead with dad on my behalf I don’t like seeing him in the mood he is tonight. 

Mother: The more reason you should be very care of how you live your life.

**[Both talked yet some more into the night till they started dozing off on the sofa]** 

**[Anniel got to her family’s massively built duplex. She gave the secret call that only the gateman understands. The gateman hurried to the pedestrian gate, open it as if it should not make any sound.]**

Gateman: *[In a typical efik ascent]* Welcome small mmaram. 

Anniel: Simple, I’ve warned you not to be calling me small madam. Anyway has my mum been waiting for me. 

Gateman: Big mmaram don come ask plenty times. Umfact big mmaram say make I no let you enter but you know now. 

Anniel: *[reaching for her wallet]* Simple, I don’t have much money today but use this N10,000 well. 

Gateman: Chai! Small mmaram! Small mmaram! God go bless you. You go dey come back late more and more. 

Anniel: *[With a wave of her right hand as she walks away from the gate]* You’ll be the one to be coming back late more and more. 

**[All the while Anniel’s mother was looking through the window of her room with the inner lights out. Anniel catwalk into the living room, up the stairs to her room. Her mother came out of her room to meet Anniel just before she made it to her room.]** 

Mother: *[Calling out]* Anniel, Anniel why are you allowing the training I’m giving you fall on deaf ear? Must we talk about this again that you should not be returning home late at night.  

Anniel: Mum, I’m sorry I lost track of time. I never wanted to come back this late but I got stuck in traffic.  

Mother: You keep coming up with excuse each time for returning home late. You know I’ve been covering you whenever you dad ask about how you’re comporting yourself. 

Anniel: *[Appears to be worried]* Mum, please don’t tell dad about this. After the strain of our final exams Mimi, Tinu and, I had to celebrate before we get admitted into different universities. 

Mother: I only hope you girls are careful out there so as not to become sexual prey. You know what I mean Anniel.  

Anniel: Mum, with three of us together no man can take advantage of us.  

Mother: *[Holding Anniel on her shoulder]* I can’t wait for your dad to bring his business back to Nigeria. His stay in South Africa is not helping much with you up bringing. 

Anniel: *[Hugging her mum]* Mum, you’re doing a good job and I’ll not let you down. 

**[They hugged for a while as if not to let go]** 

Mother: *[Breaking the hug]*Anniel, it’s gone past mid-night already. Go freshing up and go to bed. 

Anniel: *[Stepping back to her room]* Good night, love you mum! 

**[Anniel walked into her room while mother stood watching her go. She thought of all the struggle she had come through in an effort to instill in her moral decency. She smiled in self approval as though she is satisfied that her labor has not been in vain. She walk back to her room for a good night sleep]** 

**[Mimi’s entrant to the compound was announced by the balk of the security dog in the compound of four block of flats. The security man, an elderly man, quickly new she most be the one.]** 

Security man: *[Opens gate as Mimi steps in]* My daughter, like you parents, I’m worried about your coming back home late at night very often. 

Mimi: *[With an air of respect]* I no papa but don’t worry I’m fine. 

Security man: *[As he locks the gate]* You young girls of these days are always so self confident that you don’t know when you’re getting into trouble. 

Mimi: *[With a bow of respect]* Sir, I appreciate you loving concern for me. 

**[The security man returns to the security house beside the gate. Mimi hurried up to her family apartment in hopes that her elder brother would not be mad at her. Her elder brother, already infuriated at her returning late was waiting in the living room.]** 

Elder brother: *[Angrily rush towards the door as Mimi walks in through the door, with his back right palm raised against Mimi.]* If I woos you slap now, you’ll call a wicked brother.       *[Still visibly angry]* Mimi, you’re pushing your freedom too far. You think because mum and dad are out on vacation gives you the license to throw caution to the wind. You’re mistaking! 

Mimi: *[Giving a taming smile]* Big brother Africa, which one now. You’ve forgotten the number of times I’ve covered for you. I beg no fall big brother Africa hand nah. You no say nah we dey run things as mum & dad are on vacation. 

Elder brother: Mimi, look don’t go there at all! That you cover for me in the past does not give you the liberty to be coming back late more so that mum and dad are not home. 

Mimi: *[Without listening]* Big brother Africa, I’m tired need to be on my bed this moment.     *[She walks away to her room]* 

**[All three ladies successful covered their escapade of passionate infusion.]** 

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