Indemnity S01E05


**[Day in day out, week in week out and, month in month out these three always find a way to connect. The trio had gotten hooked on a life style of hanging out with men waiting for the next ladies they’ll be opportune with. However, the trio still take time to hang in with their academics as their entrant examination into the university is just some couple of months away]**
Tinu: *[As they sit on lawn grass underneath a tree at a park]* Mimi and Anniel, we seem to be having great fun beyond our wildest dreams and our bodies seem to be craving for more. With four months to our entrant examination, I’m of the opinion we stop hanging out guys but start hanging in with our academics. 

Anniel: I must say that God really spent a lot of time creating the three of us. Look at it – we’ve the perfect bodies, unavoidable beautiful faces and, an active brain. Brain and beauty! 

Mimi: If we keep our body and brain to our books these four months, there is no way we cannot make the cut off mark required for our respective choices of discipline. 

Tinu: I really want to be the most beautiful and best lawyer ever known in town.  

Anniel: *[Stands up and takes a walk of honor]* Both of you are before the future most beautiful and most enterprising CEO of my dad’s company in South Africa. 

Mimi: *[She stood up pulled Anniel down and take her own walk of honor]* With a BSc in Linguistic Studies and a MSc in International Relations, this friend of yours will be the most beautiful and best ambassador the country will ever have.

Tinu: *[She also stood and pull Anniel down]* As the best lawyer to be, I should also take my walk of honor.  

**[All three ladies seem to be fixated at this time on their future careers until they spotted some young men walk into the park]**

Mimi: Babes, is it just me? Can you see those guys that just got to the park? 

Anniel: They are so fresh and handsome. *[Dreamingly]* Look at those physique. They’re to die for. 

Tinu: [Irritated]* Hold it girls! We’ve just agreed that we should keep our bodies and brain in our books. Where is this romantic impulse coming from? 

Mimi: *[Defensive]* Tinu, maybe I should get you a cane so you can cane us. Reading our books does not mean we’ll take our eyes away from what makes us feel the sweetness of our feminine self. 

Anniel: Abba! Tinu, just talking about the guys will not kill our brains.

Tinu: Babes, I just don’t want the female attraction in us to get the better of us this moment we’re decided on putting our heads to our books, that’s all. 

Mimi: Ok, what will you do if the guys are not able to resist us and decides to walk over just this moment? 

Tinu: No! Mimi you tell me, what will you do? 

Mimi: I’ll just have one of them as my teddy bear to hold on to, chikena. 

Anniel: Mimi is right. What is the use of been in a park looking at some bunch of guys and not having them as your head rest. 

Tinu: In that case we better leave the park. 

Mimi: *[Nodding in approval]* I agree let’s leave this guys burning in anticipation of what they’ll not have. 

Anniel: *[Stands up coquettishly]* As you walk off the park, don’t forget to shake your blessing so as to put this guys a in dream world. 

Tinu: Whatever. Anniel, can we get back to your home I’m having the morning sickness. 

**[At any rate the guys on the other hand have taking note of the three beauties but decided to play hard to get. It seem like a passion challenge as both sexes flaunt their natural charm. The ladies with a show of their most feminine selves with the guys making a counter show of their most masculine selves. This was going on as the ladies walked out of the park.]**

Guy 1: *[Raising his polo to flaunt his six pack]* You ladies think you’re the only ones with stuffs to flaunt. Check this out! 

Mimi: *[Turning to face the guys, pulling down the neck of her top ]* That is nothing compared to these. I have seen eight packs so don’t fool yourself. 

Guy 2: You ladies could have simply walked over so we can rule our worlds.  

Anniel: We don’t waste time with guys that do not own up to what they feel. Losers! 

Tinu: Mimi, Anniel, why are you girls burning these guys? Mimi, you’re the one that announced their entrant into the park. Anniel, you saw their physique as something “to die for” *[Pulling on both of them]* You ladies just have to give it to the guys, they’re attractively built but we’ve decided.

Mimi: *[With a bow towards the guys]*We give it to you guys for the queen has spoken.

**[The trio walked off the park straight to where academics will make their dreams realities. ]**

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