Intricacy of Lime Juice

I am compelled to write this after my personal experience and a friend’s. Both of us came near death but was jolted back to life by lime juice.

Just to give brief story of our near death situations:

I moved into my apartment and was thankful for the privilege. I took on the challenge of tidying the environment so it was lots of work. One morning after breakfast my wife and I were suppose to be out in the ministry. As I sat on the dining table, all of a sudden, I could barely see any light. I called out to my wife that all the lights are out. Then I felt a sharp pang in my stomach. Next I started seeing everything around as crystal white. My strength was oozing away. The next words that I muttered out of my mouth to my wife was “please get me lime”. She said she had to force the lime juice into my mouth as I was no longer consciouse. However, after injesting the lime juice, I could see things again but still crystal white. I saw my wife run out of the flat through the compound gate and out to the street calling out to neighbor’s for help. I could identify it was my wife returning with some other people but all were crystal white. They took me out of the flat. As we walk pass my car that is black it was crystal white. Blade of green grasses in the compound were like crystals. My gate is black but appeared white.  As they sat me in the neighbor’s car parked outside my compound, I started becoming clear sighted. I sweated and my strength started returning. It was like my cells were jolting back to life. This occurred January 2015 

My friend’s case is very recent. He struggled with the health of his wife until she died at the hospital of what was suspected to be Stephen Johnsons Syndrome (SJS). He got back home devasted. He passed out when his brother inlaw intended to forcefully take his two daughters away. I got back from work called his number but someone else picked. Instead of answering, the phone was dropped but I could hear sounds at the background. I quickly rushed over to his place and met him unconscious. I was told that they’ve been trying to get him back for almost 30 mins. I saw they were burning under his feet but he felt nothing. I quickly remembered my incident and asked that they get lime. Had to tilt his head backwards and squeeze the lime juice into his mouth. In just few minutes he jolted back to consciousness. He had memory relapse which also cleared as the lime juice worked on his cells. This incident was in August 2016.


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