Prostatitis vs Abdominal Ridge Exercise 

Prostatitis is an inflammatory condition of the prostate that affects men of all ages, though especially common among older men. Prostatitis can be chronic, acute or non-infectious and can be caused due to poor hygiene, bacterial infections etc.
That said, however, the prostate gland can be kept healthy by an exercise that can be done by men of all ages. Coincidentally, this excercize can even give you your desired six pack for those who wants to show off those physique to drooled for.

How do you do the exercise? Crouch on your knees, lock up some air in your stomach and tighten up your abdominal muscles. Caution though, you need the right amount of abdominal muscular muscles to do this. Therefore, the starting point should be doing some push ups and legs up.  When you get the abdominal ridge right, you’ll feel a straight line pull to you groin that reaches the prostate gland. The works to prevent the prostate gland from inflammation and help in the release of build up toxins and semen in the prostate. Immediate after this, your next urine will have a visible quantity of semen along with it. 

I may decide to add a vid of how this is done to help the men folks out there.

The picture attached is only to show the position of the prostate gland.

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