The Most Unlikely Cause of High Blood Pressure Discovered.

New study out of Italy has recently uncovered – literally – some very unexpected data about men and high blood pressure.
And it’s not just about testosterone.

Studying ‘unique’ body measurements, the Italian researchers have revealed what might be the most unlikely ‘hidden’ cause of high blood pressure yet.

In a study looking at almost 3,000 men seeking treatment for sexual dysfunction, a pattern showing who the most likely men were to suffer hypertension and heart disease developed.

As part of the testing procedure for the sexual dysfunction complaints, testicle size is recorded.

The Italian study looked at the data and found that men with the largest testicles had a higher occurrence of highblood pressure and heart disease.

Blood tests were also taken and a correlation was seen among the testicle-size data as it relates to Leutinizing Hormone, which influences testosterone production.

Men with the highest amounts of LH had the largest testicles and the highest blood pressure.

This is an interesting findings but further study is definitely needed.
Courtesy: BlueHeron

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