What Do You Know About the Big O?

How long does a woman usually take to orgasm during sex?  

ANSWER: 10 to 20 minutes
.  Women generally need longer to have an orgasm than men, who take about 7 to 14 minutes. These are just averages, of course. You may be faster or slower, and it can be different from one time to the next. 

Men can’t have an orgasm unless they ejaculate?  

.  Having an orgasm and ejaculating are two different things. They usually happen together. For many men, a powerful ejaculation is the best part of an orgasm. Other men keep feeling the orgasm well after they release semen. After age 40, a man may ejaculate less, but he can still have orgasms. 

Women can have multiple orgasm, but men can’t?  

.  Surprised? Men younger than 30 are more likely than older men to have multiple orgasms. After an orgasm, most men need a rest period before they can get another erection. If he’s older, it may be a few hours. But if he’s younger, he may be up and ready in a few minutes. 

About how many women orgasm from sex alone?  

ANSWER: One-third
.  Those passionate movie scenes where women reach the pinnacle at the perfect time during sex? Doesn’t usually happen in real life. Most women need more than just penetration to get there. To see the real fireworks, most women need stimulation of the clitoris as well. Sometimes the position you use during sex can make the difference. But some women just don’t have an orgasm during sex, ever. Whichever way you go can be normal. 

Men can’t fake it?  

.  It may be harder for men to fake it, but about 25% say they sometimes do. About half of women say they have. Women fake it more often during intercourse than with other kinds of sex. Men may fake it instead of admitting they’re not interested, unable to stay hard, or just plain tired. 

Finding the G-spot means you’ll have better sex 

.  The Grafenberg spot — the infamous G-spot that may or may not be a supersensitive part inside a woman’s vagina — hasn’t ever been proved. At least one study claims to have found it, but even if it’s really there, that doesn’t mean a woman would automatically respond to it. Not all women are sensitive in the same ways. If you’ve found it, and you like it, then more power to you. 

Orgasm can add years to your life 

.  Some large studies have shown that both men and women who have orgasms often live longer than those who don’t. 

A woman can have orgasm and not know it 

.  Sweating, panting, moaning, body vibrations — they’re classic signs of an orgasm. But orgasms can be milder, too. Instead of feeling a volcanic eruption, you may just reach a peak of arousal and then feel relaxed and contented. Focus on what you do feel, and enjoy it. 

Condom can affect a guys orgasm 

.  Using a condom may make sex feel different, especially if a guy is used to having it without one. But a guy can learn to have orgasms while wearing a condom. Don’t stop at the first brand you buy. Experiment with other types — thickness and shape vary — until you find one that you like. Extra lubrication can make condom use easier, too. 

Courtesy:  WebMD

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