Your Cells your Aging Process 

“My new ‘biogenesis’ secret gives you an almost unfair advantage over aging. Age 70 feels like 40 again!”
Dear Friend,
A startling DNA study published in the Annals of the New York Academy of Sciences reveals the real cause of aging.
It’s a decline in the power generators in your cells called mitochondria. In fact, by age 67, you lose 80% of the mitochondria you had at age 25.
Worse, mitochondrial dysfunction has been implicated in nearly all disease conditions, according to Annual Review of Nutrition. Problems like muscle pain, memory problems, heart issues, vision difficulties and premature aging.
GREAT NEWS! You can now reverse this decline in mitochondria and restore your energy and your health to youthful-like levels.
It’s possible by what’s called “mitochondrial biogenesis” — a unique process that actually multiplies the number of new power generators (mitochondria) in your cells by 55% — all to help make your heart, brain and body young-again.
And it’s giving my patients, my readers and me the best results we’ve ever seen for quelling the ills effects of aging.
I’ve put everything you need in this special report. I encourage you to read it now.
Al Sears, MD
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