Indemnity S01E07


**[Anniel and Tinu walked back from seeing off Mimi down the road after she boarded an Okada. Tinu was so full of thoughts and visibly worried]**

Anniel: Tinu, lately your condition has made you so withdrawn. 

Tinu: Its not just my condition. I’m worried about home. I can’t stop thinking of how my siblings are coping, what my mum might be going through emotionally because of my not being at home in my present condition. 

Anniel: *[Tapping on the gate to be opened and calling on the gateman]* Simple, please open the gate.   

Gateman: *[Opens the door.]* Small maram, welcome. *[Anniel and Tinu stepped into the compound]* Umm small maram no vex, e don stay rong wen u give Simpre dash. I pray say make this change no change for your side. Nfat this your friend dey fine everyday. 

**[Anniel and Tinu did not pay any hid to the gateman. They just moved on.]**

Gateman: Chai, this change don change everything. 

Anniel: *[Focusing on Tinu]* Tinu, you’ve moved in with me for three months now and I can tell when you really which you can do something to help but ………. 

Tinu: *[Cutting Anniel midway in her speech]* No Anniel, I’m feeling so guilty within me. My dad is blaming my mum for my condition but my mum have been protective of me. 

Anniel: So why not call you mum and tell her how you feel. 

Tinu: She is so scared of my dad that she won’t dare to talk to when my dad is at home. 

Anniel: Then call her when your dad is likely yet from work. In fact you can call her right now, your dad may not be home as yet. It’s just 5pm. 

Tinu: I’ll do just that right now. 

**[By this time Anniel and Tinu walked to the back of the building to have some privacy. Tinu place a call through to her mother who picked the call just after the third ring]]**

Tinu: *[In a telephone conversation with her mum]* Mum, it’s Tinu. How are you and my younger ones? How is dad? 

Mum: *[Tried to speak clearly but occasionally clears throat to hide her emotions]* They’ve not stopped asking of your whereabout. Dele keeps asking me *[Clears throat]* when you’ll come tell him stories. 

Tinu: Is papa back from work? 

Mum: *[Not knowing what to answer, she skipped the question]* Aduke is not back from hawking bread. Iyabo *[clears throat]*just went across the road to meet iya Obinna. 

Tinu: I know Dele most be playing outside as usual.   

Mum: *[Clears throat]* Folarin is fetching water from the well. The pumping matching got damaged. *[Clears throat]* Everyone in the compound is feeling less concerned.

Tinu: *[Anniel gesturing at her to express her feelings]* Mum, I know dad must be putting you through so much because of my condition. Please pardon me and dad. You have been a mum that have giving me the best of training but the part I choose have brought this condition on me.  

Mum: Tinu, I don’t know where I went wrong as a mother but I know God will be with you. I have been pleading with your dad to allow you come back home. *[clears throat]* He keeps reminding me that your condition is shameful and a disgrace. 

Tinu: Mum, God will be with you also. I will want to correct this shame and disgrace my condition has brought but it has not been easy for me. 

Mum: God will bless your friend and her parents who have allowed you put up with them this 3 months already. 

Tinu: *[Gesturing at Anniel]* Mum, I’say amen! on their behalf. They’ve truly been kind to me. They allow me use their family hospital for monthly checks. Mum, I’ll have to end this call now before dad returns from work. I’ll not want him to treat you insult you on my account. 

Mum: *[Clears throat, tried to speak clear until the tone of her voice becomes tearful]* Your dad has been home since morning he only went out this morning. 

Tinu: Is he on leave? 

Mum: *[She sobs as she talks]* Your dad stopped going to work last month. His work stopped *[sobs]* He only came back home with his months salary, no benefit after working for 15 years as a contract staff in the oil company. 

Tinu: *[Almost dropping her phone]* Mum! You kept this from me all this while! *[She could barely hold her tears]* Mum, mum, mum why?  

**Tinu could hardly continue with the conversation as her mum cried profusely at the other end of the conversation as much as she is on her end. Anniel had to take the phone from her and end the call.]**

Anniel: *[Consoling Tinu]* No Tinu, you have to come off it. You don’t need to handle this in your condition. 

**[Anniel’s mother overhead Tinu crying and urged Anniel to brink her up to her room. Anniel’s mother quickly put a call through to their family doctor to come attend to her]**

**[Mimi got home just in time for dinner. The security man did not waste time commending her]**

Security man: *[As he opens the gate for Mimi to get in]* My daughter, I’m happy you don’t come back late anymore. In fact if you continue like this you’ll have my blessing. 

Mimi: *[Hurriedly walkaway]* Baba, thank you sir! 

**[Mimi met her father, mother and, elder brother on the dining table.]**

Father: Just on time! *[Beckon on Mimi to come to the dining]* I hope you ladies settled down to a good study for your university entrant exam is barely a month away. 

Elder brother: *[As Mimi pulls a chair at the dining]* Mimi is becoming a good girl lately.

Mimi: *[Melodramatic]* Big brother Africa, please don’t get on my case. 

Elder brother: It’s a commendation. You can at least say “thank you”. *[Mimi faced her front palm at her elder brother indicative of ‘stop’.]*

Mother: That’s ok young man and Mimi stop the rude attitude. 

**[Mimi attempted making a remark but her mother signaled her to stop. Their father Chuckles at the drama before him. All ate the pounded yam and egusi soup to satisfaction]**

**[After diner Mimi quickly cleared and wash up the dishes, hurried to take her shower before her favorite program on DSTV channel commences. Father went for a glass of wine at the bar in the living. Mother went to the room to recline awhile. Mimi’s elder brother had something else on his mind. As soon as Mimi finished having her bath, he did not waste any time registering what’s on his mind before Mimi gets engrossed on her favorite DSTV channel program.]**

Elder brother: *[knocks on the door to Mimi’s room]* Mimi, can I come in? 

Mimi: Yes big brother. 

Elder brother: *[Takes a long breathe]* I’ve always like the aroma of this your body lotion. 

Mimi: Stop patronizing and go to the point of why you’re asking to come into my room.

Elder brother: *[Sits on the only chair in Mimi’s room]* Kid sister, you don’t even spare me. You forget I’m your elder brother. *[Gives a slimy smile]* It’s about your friend Anniel.

Mimi: What about her? 

Elder brother: I think I’m interested in her. 

Mimi: *[Not surprised]* I knew it will come to that. You’ve been paying so much attention on her whenever she comes visiting. Well for you information, by next week she’ll be leaving Naija for SA. Her father have decide to she comes over to finalize her education. 

Elder brother: That should not stop you from connecting me. Who says it’s wrong to have a babe that’s in SA.  

Mimi: I’m not promising anything. You can take your chance with her when she comes on Saturday. I’m hosting our reading rendezvous. 

Elder brother: *[With feeling of excitement]* Awesome! You mean the other of your friend, Tinu, will also be coming in her condition? 

Mimi: Yes

**[They all had their personal time doing what they enjoy doing before going to bed]**

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