Indemnity S01E08


**[Its day break the following day. Anniel’s mother came over to Anniel’s room to check on Tinu]**

Mother: *[Sits beside Tinu on the big bed]* Tinu, how are you this morning?  

Tinu: *[Yawning and talking]* Good morning ma. I’m very ok ma. Thanks very much. I hope I didn’t put you through lot of anxiety yesterday.

Anniel: *[Getting off the bed]* Good morning mum. You’re up so early.   

Mother: Tinu got me so worried with the way she reacted at the phone conversation with her mum. Your mum will be emotionally disturbed too. 

Tinu: I’ve not stopped thinking of her myself. 

Anniel: Ok messiah Tinu, you have yourself to worry about. Whatever you feel, just remember your condition. 

**[Anniel’s mother left to allow Anniel and Tinu wake up to the daybreak. Both ladies got to tidying up the home but Anniel makes sure Tinu does the minutest task. They also got breakfast ready]**

Anniel: My father had booked my mum and I flight to SA for Wednesday next week. My mum is arranging a sent forth party for my friends to attend. *[Tinu sat rather unresponsive]* Tinu, did you hear a word of what I said? 

Tinu: It still has not registered on me that you’re actually relocating to SA. Wait a minute, if you and your mum leave on Wednesday I need to get somewhere else to stay. 

Anniel: My mum and I have worked it all out already. My mum is only going to be away for two nights. *[Tinu brightens up]* My mum is so concerned about your condition that she had discussed with her cousin who leaves at the other side of town and she has agreed to have put up with her until my mum returns on Friday evening.

Tinu: *[As both walked back and forth to set the table for breakfast]* You mean your mum had arranged that already!? I really cannot thank your mum enough. 

Mum: *[Steps out to the living room[*. Are you girls ready with breakfasts? I need to be out early enough to meet a client. 

Anniel: *[Coming with the last dish to the dining]* Mum, please you can come to the dining. 

**All three sat down to a breakfast of boiled yam and vegetable sauce. Tinu took the moment on the dining to express her feelings to Anniel’s mum.]**

Tinu:  Mam, we Yoruba’s will greet “eku itoju” which means “weldon for taking care of me”. Anniel told me the arrangement you’ve made on my behalf as both of you will be traveling Wednesday next week. *[she knelt down on her knees as is typical in Yoruba tradition.]* Mam, I do not know how to thank you enough but I can only say that God will bless you for the love you have been showing me. 

Mum: *[Urging Tinu to stand up]* Tinu, please sit back on the chair. You should not be doing that in you condition.  

Tinu: *[Sitting back on her chair]* It’s the only way I can express the depth of my appreciation for all you’ve been doing for me. 

Anniel: Mum don’t mind her she is doing like one village girl. 

**[Anniel’s mum finished her breakfast hurriedly and left to meet up with her client. Anniel and Tinu took sometime to chat at the dining.]**

Anniel: Tinu what do you think, I intend to invite all our former classmates to my send forth party.

Tinu: it will not be a bad idea. It will be like a reunion after our final exam. Will you invite any of the guys that have been flocking around you? 

Anniel: No. I want it to be strictly for former classmates. I’ll be telling Mimi when we get to her place on Saturday. 

Tinu: *[Starts clearing the dining]* Anniel what do think, I really want to speak with my dad now that I know he has lost his job. 

Anniel: *[As both clear the dishes to the kitchen]* I agree with you. Why don’t you sit down and make the call while I clear the remaining dishes.

**[Tinu dialed her father’s mobile number, it rang but Tinu’s father ignored the call till it rang off. Tinu redialed but this time her father switched off his phone.]**

Tinu: *[Holding her mobile phone out surprised]* I can’t believe my father just switched off his on phone me. 

Anniel: *[Walk back quickly from the kitchen]* Tinu, don’t you start now. I cannot manage any crises like my mum would. So please do not brood over that now. 

Tinu: Oh no Anniel, I’m ok. It just got me thinking how much my dad has rejected me. 

Anniel: Hey! that reminds me. Remember we agreed we have to come up with a good plan with regards to you condition this Saturday.   

Tinu: Well that’s an assignment for you and Mimi. My head is full at the moment and my condition is not making it any easy for me. 

**[Tinu without notifying Anniel decided to call her mothers mobile.]**

Anniel: Do think your dad could switched on his phone that you’re redialing him? 

Tinu: I’m dialing my mum’s instead. 

Anniel: Promise me you’re not going to end up crying like you did yesterday.  

Tinu: No. I told you I’m ok. 

**[Tinu mother’s mobile phone rang but her father urged her not to answer the call]**

Father: *[With a stern look on his face]* If that is Tinu calling you, you better not answer the call or else. 

**[The phone rang off. Tinu redialed the number and her mother attempted picking up the call]**

Father: Woman, you’re daring me right!? *[He snatched the mobile phone from her and switched it off]*

**[Tinu was shocked at what just happened for she could hear the voice of her father at the background before he switched off the mobile phone.]**

**[Back at home Tinu’s mother could not take the attitude any longer that she almost reacted violently]**

Mother: *[Snatched the mobile phone from her husband]* What is the matter with you! Do not think because I’m keeping quiet that I cannot handle you. *[Angrily]* Yes Tinu’s condition is disgraceful and shame but it does not change the fact that she is our daughter. *[Starts dialing onTinu’s mobile phone]* I’m going to call her and if you dare snatch the phone from me again, you’ll get what I’ve been holding back on all this while. 

**[As Tinu’s phone rang through, her father quietly picked up a shirt and went on outside. Tinu was relieved that her mother returned her call. She quickly picked up the call.]**

Mother: Tinu, ‘Adumaradan’ *[in Yoruba dialect]*, black beauty. How are you? 

Tinu: *[Speak calmly]* Mum, I’m ok. How are you? Dad’s anger at my condition has not come to remission. I hope my siblings did not hear both of your out burst of anger. 

Mother: Well they did. Your father is pushing this whole shame and disgrace too far. I can’t take it any longer. Tinu, please dail back. I’m prompted that my airtime will soon elapse. 

**[The service provider dropped the call. As Tinu started dialing her mother, Anniel beckoned on her that they should get to the room.]**

Tinu: *[Back on the call.]* Mum please don’t loose your good nature on my account. You’ve been loving and respectful of my dad even in his excesses. That is a quality I’ve learned from you. 

Mother: Don’t worry, your dad and I will talk things over.  

Tinu: Mum, I’ll transfer some money to your account so you can add more articles of trade to what you can sell. 

**[Their call ended this time with no exchange of cry. Tinu felt relieved after the call. Anniel and Tinu settled to studying their books.]**

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