29 MJ Songs Collage

It’s Human Nature desiring  

To Heal The World whether 

We are Black Or White

Why not Hold My Hand

So we can all sing the Earth Song

Yet Another Part Of Me

Remember The Time when

So much around start getting Bad

Again the Man In The Mirror is called on

Still They Don’t Care About Us

Who is it that will not say We’ve Had Enough

The thought of loved ones Gone Too Soon

We see faces plead “don’t Leave Me Alone

You Are Not Alone just Keep Your Head Up

One Day In Your Life you’ll Beat It

We have to assure all with the phrase:

I Just Can’t Stop Loving You”

Be concerned about The Way You Make Me Feel

So much hidden In The Closet but we have

To live our life’s Off The Wall

Although we’re hounded by Smooth Criminal

Keep The Faith and Don’t Stop Till You Get Enough

This is it for we Wanna Be Starting Something

For it is not Thriller but Will You Be There?



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