Indemnity S01E09


**[Tinu’s mother find a way of giving back her husband’s honor as he walked back to the house visibly upset.]**
Mother: *[With an endearing smile]* Oloori mi *[Nigeria Yoruba dialet]* My head, you are angry.

Father: *[Not wanting to be petted]* No I should be smiling. You looked straight into my eyes and dared me. Your parents most hear this. 

Mother: Oloori mi, how can I dare you. I was only pleading that you reconsider you position with regards to our daughter Tinu and let her return home. 

Father: You could have simply say so instead of the melodrama you put up. 

Mother: I’m sorry I did not use “my neck well”. I promise it will not happen again. 

Father: You did not use you neck well, is that your excuse? We’ll talk about Tinu but not today. 

**[Tinu’s mother is convinced she has giving back her husband’s respect. As they went on discussing other family matters, a text message entered Tinu mother’s phone. It was an account credit alert of N20,000 from Tinu.]**

Father: *[Jokingly]* If that text message is not bringing money, you better delete it. 

Mother: Ah, the text is bringing money. *[extended her phone]* See Tinu has credited my account with N20,000.  

Father: *[Extending his right faced out palm at his wife]* Now wait! Is Tinu paying you to talk me into changing my mind? *[Confused looks]* And where is she getting that kind of money from? I hope she is not stealing from whoever is harboring.  

Mother: She said she’ll send me money to add to my business. 

Father: And you did not ask her where she is getting the money from. You women and money.     *[Shakes head]* Wait! Are you and your daughter taking away my role as the family head? Is all this happening because I’ve lost my job? 

Mother: Abba! Baba Tinu, how can you say something like that. You daughter is only concerned and wants to help. At least we can thank her. 

Father: Concerned, help, thank her. It’s your account she sent the money so it’s you that should thank her. 

**[As they are conversing amongst themselves, Tinu’s call rang through on her mother’s phone.]**

Mother: *[Pick the call]* ‘Adumaradan’ *[Niegeria Yoruba dialet]* black beauty, you’re the true daughter of your father. Thank you, I got the alert just before your call came through.

Tinu: Mum, please give papa N5,000 and use the rest for your business. Is papa with you? Can I speak to him? 

Mother: *[Stare at Tinu’s father who nodded to indicate ‘no’.]* Your father cannot talk to you now. He’ll call you later but I’ll deliver your message. 

Tinu: *[Before ending the call.]* Please send my love to my siblings I’ll speak to them later today. 

**[Tinu’s mother say a prayer of blessing for Tinu. Tinu appreciatively say amen before both ended the the call]**

**[At Mimi’s home both parents have gone out for their daily business engagement. Mimi and her elder brother are back at home]**

Elder brother: *[Walked to where Mimi is reading]* Mimi, your entrant exam is next week. I’m sure you have prepared very well. Let me start to wish you success because you’ve really painstakingly studied for your exam. *[Pull a chair closer]* I’m impressed that after series of hanging out you can really settle down to study for your exams. 

Mimi: *[Closed up her book in the meantime.]* Big brother Africa, thank you very much. I learned from the best, you. I also have the kind of future I desire in focus. The same thing goes for two of my best friends, Tinu and Anniel. In fact, we’re not settling for less in our exam results for we can’t afford to stay a year without entering our university of choice. 

Elder brother: Thanks for the complement Mimi. When you don’t fight me, you’re a nice sister.   *[Rethought-fully]* That reminds me. You said Anniel is leaving to SA to further her studies.  

Mimi: Yes

Elder brother: Are both of your friends still coming on Saturday? 

Mimi: Yes. You’ve just reminded me. I’ve to go get something special as I plan to give them a treat. 

Elder brother: Mimi, do not forget our deal with regards your friend Anniel.  

Mimi: She is all yours when she gets here on Saturday but make sure you don’t distract us from our study. However, if you ask me I’ll advice you don’t get involve with her. 

Elder brother: Why will you advice against my having a relationship with her? 

Mimi: I just don’t feel she is right for you. Moreover, she is leaving to SA and it’s not certain if she’ll be returning. 

Elder brother: *[Stands up to walk away]* With the way ‘change’ is hitting our country, it will not be a bad idea having someone outside this ‘change’ environment.

Mimi: *[Reopen her book]* Big brother Africa! You’re really mapping out your future! I’m imagining you and Anniel as husband and wife, it may not be a bad idea. So Anniel will become my sister in-law. 

Elder Brother: Look at you, you’ve started dreaming beyond me. *[Put hand on Mimi’s shoulder]* Lil Sis, keep your dream alive. Let me go check on some of my peeps.  

**[Mimi continued with her study while her elder brother left home]**

**[Anniel and Tinu are also sitting back to study but Tinu is struggling because of her condition.]**

Tinu: I’m feeling so tired and heavy. I can’t wait for this condition to pass away. I pray it does not happen before writing our exam. I need to eat something now. 

Anniel: Let me quickly microwave the pizza so you can have some along with the orange juice     *[walk away to the kitchen as they continue conversing]*

Tinu: I transferred 20k to my mum. I told her to give 5k to my dad and use 15k for her trade. 

Anniel: Tinu, you’re worthy of emulation. You can still show this much care after your dad treated you like an outcast.  

Tinu: I know my dad loves me so much but was only disappointed that I brought disrepute to our family name. *[Anniel walk back with a small tray of pizzas and additional pack of juice]* I know my dad is pained at his reaction toward my condition but his pride will not allow him admit openly. 

Anniel: Tinu, I think I’m having a crush on Mimi’s brother.

Tinu: Crush? 

Anniel: Yes! I’ll call it a crush because I don’t seem to know why I’m getting attracted to him. 

Tinu: Maybe if you get close you’ll know why. 

Anniel: Get close? When I’m leaving to SA already. Let me experience what the guys at SA are like, if I still have these strange feelings then who knows. 

Tinu: It will be nice if you and Mimi become sisters in-law. You just think of it. 

Anniel: *[With a meditative grim]* Let the future border about that. 

Tinu: So how have you been hiding away from your crush the times we go to Mimi’s place to study? 

Anniel: You know how we’ve been rolling nah. The guys have to show that they have the nerve to approach us. Mimi’s brother seem not to be having the nerve. 

Tinu: You cannot be so sure. He may just be holding back because you’re his sister’s friend. I see he has more than the nerve you’re looking for. 

Anniel: He is good looking though but he acts as if he is seeing through the window when he looks at me and that reaches me somehow. 

Tinu: You mean like he does not see you to be his type? Babe, you’re hot there is no guy that will just gloss over you. He is just taking his time. 

Anniel: Now you are sounding as if he has been telling you things at my back. 

Tinu: *[Stands as if to demonstrate]* With those hips of yours that doesn’t lie, he’ll come tumbling. You want to bet? 

Anniel: All three of us have hips that doesn’t lie, why will mine be more of his attention. 

Tinu: You don’t seem to get it. Mimi is his sister and look at my condition. So of the three of us you’re the right candidate for his attention. You just admitted he is an attractive guy and you know he is the type most girls will want to be with.  

Anniel: Ok miss counselor, let’s round up a topic each before we brain storm to see how well we’ve understood each of the topics. 

Tinu: I’ll keep a close eye on both of you when we’re at Mimi’s home tomorrow. 

Anniel: Now I’m not asking you to create a seen tomorrow. I only said it’s a crush nothing more. 

Tinu: Yes mam. 

**[They both rounded up the last topic of the day and had a meaningful brain storming section. The day ended real fast with attention given to the task at close of day. It was a restful night to usher in a bright new day.]**

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