Indemnity S01E10

**[Anniel and Tinu quickly cared for the morning chores, took breakfast and headed to Mimi’s home who is already in anticipation of their arrival. While on their way, Anniel put a call through to Mimi notifying her that they are on the way already. Since Mimi was in the bathroom, her elder brother had to pick the call as Mimi’s phone is in the living room]**
Elder brother: *[Picked Mimi’s phone set ringing on the side stool]* Hello Anniel, this is Phil on the phone. Mimi is the bathroom at the moment, do you want to leave message?

Anniel: *[Some form of excitement in her tune]* Hi Phil, thanks for picking Mimi’s call. Please let her know we’re on our way and will be there in 30 minutes. 

Phil: *[Excited]* I surely will let her know. Anniel, you have this kind of feminine appeal on the phone. Your voice just sound kinda tractive.  

**[Anniel, out of share excitement unconsciously ended the call.]**

Anniel: *[Hold up her phone as she stare at Tinu]* Excuse me! Where is that coming from?

Tinu: *[Look back at Anniel confused]* How do you mean? 

Anniel: Is it just my thought sounding out to me or I just heard Mimi’s brother wooing me on the phone? 

**[Mimi’s brother continued for while before realizing Anniel had hung up.]**

Phil: Hello, hello Anniel. *[Drop the phone]* Did I say what I shouldn’t have? Could I have blown my chance? 

Mimi: *[Open the door to her room]* My phone rang, who was it? 

Phil: It was Anniel. She said they’ll be here in 30 minutes. Anniel hang the call on me.

Mimi: *[Walk over to collect her phone]* You must have said something to her. What did you say to her. *[Paused]*

Phil: I only spoke to her the way a gentleman should speak to a lady. 

Mimi: *[Continues back to her room]* Hmmm, big brother Africa, I’m suspecting you. 

**[Back in her room Mimi dialed Anniel’s phone number. Anniel is hesitant to pick the call as she assumes it is Mimi’s brother dailing back. Mimi redialed the number but this time Anniel picked]**

Mimi: Hey! Girlfriend, I was in the bathroom when your call rang through. I’m just creaming up. I’ll be ready before you girls get here. How is Tinu coping? 

Anniel: *[Smiling at Tinu]* She is here, you’ll see how she is coping when we get to your place. 

Mimi: Please tell the cab driver not to drive rough that he has a delicate lady in his cab. *[ended the call]*

**[Back at Tinu parent’s home everyone is taking on different task for the day. It’s a weekend, expecting there may like be visitors to their home. Tinu’s immediate younger sibling took her mother in confidence]**

Aduke: *[Joins mother in dusting the furnitures]* Mum, its almost 9 months that Tinu had been sent out of the house. Is dad not going to change is position?  

Mother: *[Reasurringly]* Aduke, try not to worry much about that. Your dad at the right time will change his position. We’ll wait on him. 

Aduke: The last time I spoke with Tinu, she was full of blessings and praise for you and dad. I wish dad will allow her back home soon. *[Collect dusting towel from her mother]* I’m really missing her. 

Mother: *[As she walks to the kitchen]* We’re all missing her. Let me check what’s on the fire. 

**[Mimi and her friends had settled down to reading. Tinu’s condition is challenging her concentration span]**

Tinu: Girls! I need to eat something.  

Mimi: Anniel, how are you coping with her eating spree at home? 

Anniel: I’m equal to the task. Before she ask, I’m putting the food in front of her. Even my mum will not tolerate her getting hungry. 

Tinu: Are both of you kidding me? Please Mimi, go to the fridge and get this hungry me something to eat before I eat the two of you. 

Mimi: Roger, your highness. 

Anniel: *[As Mimi walks out of the room]* Is Mimi’s brother at home at all? 

Tinu: Sorry you’re asking the wrong person. Are you sure it’s only a crush you’re having. I see something more in your eyes. You better own up to it. 

Mimi: *[Walks back to her room with packs of juices and snacks]* What are you girls gossiping about at my back? 

Tinu: Anniel, now you have your opportunity to ask. 

Mimi: Ok lets just take a little brake to refresh our brains. Anniel, what happened when my brother picked my call from you? 

Anniel: *[Taking by surprise]* Hmmm, you brother was overly nice to me on the phone. 

Mimi: Overly nice? How do you mean? You have to break it down. 

Tinu: Anniel is acting as if she cannot handle been treated nicely by a gentleman. 

Anniel: Please lets change channel. Mimi, my mother is planning a send forth party for me next week Wednesday. The same evening I’ll be departing to SA. 

Mimi: *[Excitedly]* That’s going to be groovy. Have you made your list of invitees? We’ll have Tinu open the floor. It will be real fun to watch her rock the floor in her condition. 

Tinu: You know I’ve always been the best dancer of the three of us and don’t just feel my condition will make any difference now. 

**[Anniel asked to get more snacks. She stumbled at Phil in the living room who happens to be going to help himself with some snack and juice at the same moment.]**

Phil: *[As both headed to the kitchen.]* Hi Anniel, how are you ladies getting on with your studies?  

Anniel: *[Striking a ladylike pose]* We sure are getting better prepared for our exams.   

Phil: I learnt you’ll be leaving to SA to further your education.  

Anniel: Yes

Phil: So you’ll be taking your beauty from us.  

Anniel: Oh know, my beauty remains where it originates from, here with you. 

Phil: *[With a broad smile]* You’re more enchanting than I had anticipated.  

**[Mimi and Tinu are at this time getting anxious that Anniel is taking longer than expected. Mimi decided to go check what could be keeping her.]**

Mimi: *[Took permission to check on Anniel]* Tinu, let me check on Anniel. 

**[Phill heard the door to her sister’s room open up. He extended his left open palm to signal that Anniel waits while he steps out to check on who is coming out of his sister’s room]**

Mimi: *[With suspicious looks]* Big brother Africa, how is your project coming on? Did you see Anniel? 

Phil: Sis, I’m review the process. I just came out to get some snacks and juice. Anniel coincidentally is herewith me in the kitchen. She’ll join you ladies very soon. 

Mimi: *[Steps back to her room with two thumbs up at her brother.]* Anniel, please be quick with the snacks.

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