Indemnity  S01E11


**[Mimi returned to join Tinu in the room]**

Tinu: *[Sitting up straight]* Let me guess. Anniel was with your brother, right? 

Mimi: *[Sitting amazed]* How did you guess correctly? Something most have been going on at my back that both of you are hiding from me. 

Tinu: Its nothing you shouldn’t know. Just this morning Anniel started talking about some feelings she is developing for your brother that she doesn’t understand. 

Mimi: Now I understand why that funny looks on her face when both of you arrived and my brother saying she hung the phone call on him.

**[Phil had returned to continue his chat with Anniel]**

Anniel: Big brother Africa, that’s what Mimi calls you? 

Phil: I don’t know how she got that stick on me but I can’t stop her. 

Anniel: I think I like it. It makes you special. 

Phil: You do? You mean you want to be calling me that too? 

Anniel: Oh no, its best hearing it from Mimi. 

Phil: Anniel, it will be ungentlemanly for me to keep you away from you study, that’s the reason you’re here. Is it ok I get your mobile number so we can continue on this discovery channel of ours. 

**[Anniel called out her mobile number while Phil typed it in his phone]**

Anniel: Can you make the time to attend my send forth party next week Wednesday? 

Phil: *[With a gentle smile]* I’ll be honored. It will be the first time in my life to be at your place. So which of the universities would you be attending in SA? 

Anniel: It is University of the Western Cape (UWC) in Cape Town. 

Phil: Wow! Your dad most really want the best for. I know that’s amongst the five best universities in SA.  

Anniel: *[With a shy smile]* Thank you. I’ve to go now before I keep the other ladies waiting for too long. 

**[They both exchange pleasantries, collected their snacks and walk back to their rooms with feelings of excitement.]**

Tinu: *[As Anniel walks back to the room.]* Ok girlfriend, give us fool gist don’t hide anything. 

Anniel: Mimi, sorry that I didn’t have the time to tell you before what you observe. 

Mimi: It’s ok, I wish you and my brother will be able to work things out. 

Tinu: Anniel, just don’t give your charm to those SA guys. 

Anniel: I don’t understand why I should have this kind of feelings at this time that I’m leaving to SA. If I still feel the way I feel when I’m out there then I’ll know it’s for real. 

Mimi: *[Changing the topic of the day]* Now lets talk about the big plan that will see Tinu through university despite her condition. 

Tinu: You seem to have it all figured out. 

Anniel: *[Beckoning they all sit closer]* Mimi, let’s hear what plan you have. 

Mimi: *[In a conspiratorial tune]* Listen carefully to the plan I’ve started work on already 

**[Mimi spoke her mapped out plan only to the hearing of Tinu and Anniel. The plan is met with mixed feelings of pain, anger, excitement and, determination]**

Tinu: *[Snap out the conspiratorial position]* Mimi, this plan is wicked! 

Anniel: Mimi, please did you think this plan through? Did you give thought to how many people will be impacted by this plan? 

Tinu: *[In tears]* Mimi, you’ve been a loving friend and I’m sure you’ll mean me no harm but this plan of yours is void of my feelings. 

Anniel: Please Tinu, calm yourself so you don’t draw Mimi brother’s attention to our secret. Please calm yourself. 

Mimi: If my plan is wicked, does anyone of you have something better. 

Anniel: I haven’t been able to come up with one as much as I’ve been thinking. However, this plan will drag a lot of people along. 

Tinu: It’s a hard pill for me to swallow because I’m the one to bear most of the pain. My parents, Anniel’s mum? I know my dad will not let any stone on turned. It’s not worth it. This will bring two families against each other and all for my sake. My friends, this will be a very wicked act on my part. 

Anniel: Tinu, what I think is this *[As she takes are arm in hers]* If you’ll just follow through as Mimi as already planned it out, I’ll manage my mum from SA. As for your parents, yes they may pull everything down but only for awhile. 

Mimi: *[Takes the other arm of Tinu]* Tinu, your mistake is our mistake. We cannot bear the thought of going to the university while you’re back home as a mother to a child whose father does not know he is having a child with you.

Tinu: *[Glances at Anniel and Mimi intermittently]* I thank both of you for embolden me to follow up with this plan. In as much as I’m in love with the child I’m carrying in my womb, I do not want to miss out on my university education. *[Tears running down her chin]* I’ll go with the plan. 

Mimi: Anniel will be gone finally to SA by next Wednesday and our university examination will be the same week Saturday.  

Tinu: My delivery due date is a week after our examination if everything goes right. 

Mimi: Whether you put to birth by yourself or by CS, once you’re able to have a snapshot of the baby on your phone, you should start off with the plan. I’ll give you every other detail you’ll need at Anniel’s send-forth party. 

**[All three ladies take an oath of secrecy never to divulge their plan to any living soul alive on the planet]**

Anniel: *[With a raised right hand]* I promise to live by this secret of ours, not even to the one I love the most will I divulge it. 

Mimi: *[Also with right hand raised. Anniel right hand still raised]* I promise same secrecy. 

Tinu: *[She raised her right hand to the other two still raised. Both held to Tinu’s extended right hand]* I promise same. Even to my unborn child whom I love so dearly, I will not tell. 

**[Phil walked up to Mimi’s room just as the trio finished making their oath of secrecy]**

Phil: *[Calling out from behind the door]* Ladies, I have to step out briefly. Remember you don’t have to read too much at this time. Just reviews will be preferred. 

Mimi: Thanks big brother Africa. Don’t be long. 

Phil: Tinu and Anniel, likely you would have gone by the time I return. Please have fun the rest of the day.

**[Phil left home. The trio have all the privacy they need now to deliberate more on their secret plan. Just before they could start up, Tinu’s father call rang through on her phone.]**

Tinu: *[Surprised as she stare at the other two]* Its my dad! *[Accept the call]* Baa mi **[My father in Yoruba dialet]**

Father: ‘Adumaradan’ *[in Yoruba dialect]* How are you doing my daughter?

Tinu: Dad, I am fine. 

Father: Tinu, I acted rashly in my decision. Please forgive me. I want you to come back home.  

Tinu: *[Break down in tears]* Dad, why is this coming at this time?  

Father: Tinu, whatever my rash decision may have caused you, please forgive me. 

**[Tinu’s father can no longer hold back his tears. He gave way to tears and ask Tinu to please call him back that he’ll want to hear her say when she’ll return home]**

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