Indemnity S01E12


**[After speaking with her father, Tinu is emotionally confused. The secret plan, her father pleading she returns back home. Anniel and Mimi at this moment are at their wits end.]**
Tinu: *[End phone call. Yet in a tearful tune]* Mimi, Anniel this is not a good sign. I have looked forward to the day I’ll return home to my family. Here and now is the call to return home but this secret plan of ours. 

Mimi: None of us thought of this coming at this time. Tinu, will this have to change our secret plan?

Tinu: This is really confusing and challenging for me right now. 

Anniel: Tinu, a question that will help in steering our secret plan forward is, how will your going back to your patents with a child in hand affect your going to the university? 

Tinu: *[Silent for a moment]* That’s exactly what I’m going through in my head right now. *[Brightens up]* I’ve got it all figured out. I’ll tell my dad that I’ll be back three weeks after my exam. *[Feeling self assured]* Within the three weeks I definitely will have had my baby and our secret plan will be carried out as agreed. 

Anniel: I must confess that this is getting scary. 

Mimi: Girls, my suggestion is we just focus on our secret plan and every other thing that comes after it will naturally sort itself out. 

**[They reassured themselves of not turning back on their secret plan.]** **[Back at Tinu’s parents home, her father on returning home looking worried informed his wife of the call he put through to Tinu.]**

Mother: Ekaabo Oloori mi *[You’re welcome my head, Nigeria Yoruba dialet]* You look so tired and worried. 

Father: *[Sinks into the sofa]* I called Tinu on my way home. I thought she would be excited to hear me say she should come home but she didn’t sound enthusiastic on phone. 

Mother: My husband, I thank you for shifting ground. I’ll talk with her, I know she wants to come home. *[Sit next to her husband]* You know her exam is a week from today, she might want to finish with her exam before returning back home. 

Father: I wonder how she is coping with her pregnancy all this while. It most have been difficult for her preparing for the exam. 

Mother: Let me dish you meal. You must be hungry. 

Father: How was you business today? 

**[Anniel and Tinu left Mimi’s home. It’s apparently the last of their reading rendezvous. On their way home in a cab, Tinu had so much going on on her mind that she could not chat with Anniel as usual]**

Anniel: *[Takes Tinu by the hand]* I know you’re still very disturbed about the plan three of us agreed upon and also your dad’s phone call.  

**[Just before Tinu could respond to Anniel’s remarked observation, her mother’s call rang through on her phone set.]**

Tinu: Its my mother calling, I know the moment my father tells her he had asked me to return home, my phone will not rest until she makes certain when I’m returning back home. *[She signed at Anniel to give 3 minutes to answer the call.]* Maami *[My mother in Nigeria Yoruba dialet]*

Mother: ‘Adumaradan’ *[“Black beauty” in Niegeria Yoruba dialet]* How are you doing and how is ‘Atinuke’ *[Nigerian Yoruba courteous way of referring to an unborn child]*

Tinu: Atinuke and I are doing quite well. 

Mother: Tinu, your father called you to ask that you return home. I was expecting that you should hurriedly be here. 

Tinu: Mum, I cannot talk where I’m at the moment. Please, I’ll call you back as soon as Anniel and I gets home. 

Mother: That’s ok. Please tell Anniel that I will make time to come see her and her mother. I’ll be waiting for your call. 

**[Tinu ended the call]**

Tinu: Anniel, this is becoming more and more heavy on my emotions. 

Anniel: I know but do you want to change the plan now? 

Tinu: When I think towards changing the plan, I am afraid of how my life will turnout in the long run. 

Anniel: *[As they get off the Taxi cab.]* Do I take it that nothing will stop our secret plan?  

Tinu: I really most be in the university like you my friends and graduate the same time with both of you. 

Anniel: You’re looking like birth pangs is trying to take over you. 

**[Anniel tapped on the gate. As the elderly gateman opens the gate he stood as if he wanted to ask a question but could not come up with any. Tinu and Anniel gave the customary greetings due an elderly man and simply walked on]**

Anniel: *[As they walk into the apartment.]* Tinu, the next time you speak with your mum, simply tell her you’ll be returning home 2 weeks after our exams. Does your mother know your delivery date? 

Tinu: *[Sitting tiredly on the Sofa]* No I had never mentioned to her as much as she may be able to speculate on it. 

Anniel: 2 weeks is enough time for our secret plan to be in full swing. 

**[Back at Tinu’s parents home. Aduke eavesdropped on the conversation between her parents. She was so excited that she had to tell her mum that she was listening to their conversation.]**

Aduke: *[Jumping and talking like a 6 year old girl]* Mum, I was listening to what you and dad was saying about aunt Tinu returning back home. When is she returning? 

Mother: Aduke, Tinu is as excited as you are to return home. You know her exams are coming up in a week’s time. So once she is done with her exams, she’ll return home. 

Aduke: She’ll have her baby and we’ll take care of the baby. 

Mother: Lets go get dinner ready, I know everyone is very hungry. 

**[Back at Anniel’s home. Her mother returned meeting both ladies in the living room. They quickly changed the topic as soon as Anniel’s mother got in.]**

Anniel: Tinu my mother has just driving into the car park. Let’s keep our secret secret. 

Tinu: My lips are sealed.

Mother: *[Walk into the living room]* Girls did you have a wonderful day? Tinu, you’re all change completely in your appearance. Well that’s what pregnancy does to a woman but I know you’ll quickly bounce back after you delivery. 

Tinu: Thank you ma. I really cannot wait for all of this to be over. 

**[Anniel mother’s phone rang out from her bag. It is her husband calling from SA. She accepted the call and took excuse to have the call in her room. Anniel’s mother continue on the call as she walks to her room]**

Mother: *[On the call]* Darling, your call just met me getting back home. How was your day? 

Mr. Barakat: Sweetheart, my day had been eventful. I just closed a new deal today which will become an addition to our product line. I have completed all the paper works for Anniel’s resumption at the university. Her marks were ok at the exam she wrote. 

Mrs. Barakat: Thanks a lot my darling. You deserve a kiss. 

Mr. Barakat: Like the one you gave me the last time you visited. I hope Anniel is able to contain her excitement of coming over to SA. By the way how is her friend, Tinu, has she put to birth yet? 

Mrs. Barakat: *[Reclines on the bed as she continues with the call]* She is not due yet I reckon she’ll be due sometime after their exams. Remember I mentioned she’ll be going to put up with my sister when Anniel and I comes to SA on Wednesday. She’ll be there till I return. 

Mr. Barakat: What about her parents, have they come forward yet? 

Mrs. Barakat: in as much as occasionally I get greetings from them through Tinu, they’ve shown any sign of worry about where their daughter could have been staying. 

Mr. Barakat: Well I just hope this kindness of yours will not spell trouble tomorrow. 

**[They exchange endearing pleasantries and ended the call. Anniel and Tinu had already gotten dinner ready. The all had their meal rested for the day]**

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