Indemnity S01E13


**[Its Wednesday, the day of Anniel’s send-forth party, the day Anniel leaves to South Africa. Tinu is cut between her heavy pregnant state and assisting with tidying up the home for the party as she is almost at her full term. Anniel is overtaking by excitement of the day. Jane Barakat, Anniel’s mother, feels overwhelmed by all the running around in preparation for the party]**
Jane: Tinu, I know you cannot bear seeing us working without giving all your support but please be mindful of how you exert yourself at this final stage of your pregnancy.

Tinu: *[Tried hiding away her feeling of tiredness]* Thank you ma but I’m ok. Anniel, lets put a little more décor at this area.

Anniel: Tinu, just as my mum said you need to be mindful. You’ve done so much already. Please when you’re done with this decoration, you should just go in and rest. What is left is not much. 

Tinu: I’ll have to be the judge of that. 

Anniel: It will be great fun to meet with some of our former classmates since our final exams. 

Jane: Anniel, please go to Simple at the gate and tell him that we’re expecting the caterer’s supply. 

Anniel: *[Hurriedly to the gate]* Yes mum! 

Tinu: I surely will miss this friend of mine. She is more than a sister to me. 

Jane: Tinu, with various social media all around, both of you will surely stay connected. I trust you ladies for that. 

Tinu: It will never be the same as physically present together. 

**[Mimi put a call through to Anniel just before she leaves home]**

Mimi: *[As Anniel picked her call]* Hey! SA bound babe! Just make sure you girls don’t finish all the fun work before I get there.

Anniel: You better get here early enough as I can’t guarantee leaving the fun work. 

Mimi: I’ll be there just before you end the call. 

Anniel: You can come through the the call line then. 

Mimi: Loads of hugs! See you soon. *[End call]* Big brother Africa, I have to leave now so I can help Anniel and Tinu in getting things ready for the party. 

Phil: Lil sis, tell me please, what would you suggest I put on to the party? 

Mimi: Just put on something that will make you stand out from the other guys. I’ll suggest your blue Blazer on a blue jean with your white polo will do the trick. Anniel hardly takes her eye off guys dressed like that. 

Phil: *[With two thumbs up at Anniel]* Your dress is fab. Are you expecting anyone? 

Mimi: No! big brother Africa. As a young lady, I always want to be on top of my game. I must take my leave now. I’ve written the description to Anniel’s home. See you at the party. 

Phil: I’ll just wait for mum to be back before leaving home. *[Mimi leaves to Anniel’s]*

**[Back at Anniel’s home. Tinu, got a call from Aduke, her immediate sibling]**

Aduke: *[Tinu, picked the call.]* Aunty mi. *[“My aunt” in the Nigeria Yoruba dialect]* How are you? 

Tinu: I’m doing quite ok, sisi mi. *[“My young lady” in the Nigeria Yoruba dialect]* How are you too? How is mum, dad and, my other siblings? 

Aduke: I can hear loud music at the background, is there a party? 

Tinu: Yes, my friend Anniel is leaving to South Africa and her parents arranged send-forth party for her.

Aduke: Mum, is worried that you’re not coming home even when dad has asked that you return home.

Tinu: I explained to mum that 2 to 3 weeks after my exam, I’ll be returning home. The exam is this Saturday. You know my friend is traveling so I need to help her mum a little before coming back home. 

Aduke: Ok, but please know that we all, your siblings, are anxious that you return soonest. 

**[Mimi arrives at Anniel’s home while Tinu rounded up the phone call with Aduke.]**

Tinu: Aduke, we’re trying to complete preparations before her guest start arriving. I appreciate your call ‘sisi mi’ *[“My young lady” in the Nigeria Yoruba dialect]* My regards to mum and dad. 

Aduke: Ok bye *[End call]*

Mimi: Hey girls! I started dancing right from the gate. Who is the DJ of the day? 

Anniel: DJ, do we need one? We’re our own DJ joor. *[Takes some dance steps towards Mimi]*

Tinu: *[Attempted some dance steps too]* I know I’m heavy but I can still rock. 

Mimi: Go Tinu, go Tinu 

Jane: *[Coming out of her room]* You ladies won’t stop to thrill me. I just called the caterers and they confirm they’ll be here in 10 minutes. The party will start in earnest by 4pm. 

Anniel: Mimi, is Phil coming? 

Mimi: Yes he will. 

Jane: And who is Phil, if I may know? 

Anniel: He is Mimi’s elder brother. 

Jane: And? 

Anniel: Mum, how do you mean and? 

Mimi: Let me go check, that may be the caterers blaring the horn out at the gate. *[Hurried out to the gate]*

Jane: Anniel, is there something you should tell me about Phil? 

Anniel: Mum, maybe not now. I’ll let you know when something is for certain. 

Jane: Ok, since he’ll be present at the party, can you introduce him at least. 

Anniel: I promise mum. 

**[Back at Mimi’s home. Mimi’s mum returns earlier than usual as she is aware of the party organized by Mimi’s parents]**

Phil: Welcome mum, I was just waiting for you to return before leaving to the party. Mimi has been long gone and the party is to start at 4pm. 

Suzzy: *[Beckons on Phil to sit down for a moment]* Son, are you hiding something away from me? 

Phil: *[Surprise looks]* How do you mean mum? 

Suzzy: You’ve been so excited about this party. Are you meeting someone there? 

Phil: Mimi’s friend invited me to attend. 

Suzzy: Mimi’s friend? Definitely not Tinu. It must be the celebrant herself. 

Phil: You’re very correct mum. 

Suzzy: So what’s with her? 

Phil: Let me just say it’s a discovery that I want to make, I want to discover what’s with her. 

Suzzy: Ok, finish with your discovery but don’t leave me in the dark. 

**[Back at Tinu home. Tinu’s father calls all members of his household to have a family talk.]**

Jimmy: My wife and my children, I must admit that I took a hasty decision chasing Tinu out of the house when she became pregnant. Aduke and Iyabo, both of you are the next females in the house. *[Goes to sit between both girls with his arms across their shoulders]* It will not be good that we have a repeat of the mistake you elder sister made of getting pregnant when she is not married to any man.  

Iyabo: Dad, I’m still growing up but your reaction to aunt Tinu’s serves as a strong object lesson for me. 

Aduke: Dad, I can see how this pained you and I’ll not want to see you in such pain again. I know aunt Tinu made her mistake but she always advice us to avoid any situation that will lead us into the kind of mistake she made. 

Bimpe: Aduke and Iyabo, I’m glad to hear both of you speak in this manner. I pray that these words of yours be true all the time. 

Jimmy: *[Walks over to take Dele on his laps as he sits besides Folarin.]* And you my boys, also know that as you grow up, it’s not right for you to get a girl pregnant just because you’re close to her. 

**[Back at Anniel’s home. The party guest have started arriving. Lots of catch up is going on amongst former schoolmate.]**

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