Indemnity S01E14


**[Its Anniel’s send-forth party. Choice music is rolling out from the music system. Some of the guest are dancing while others are chatting and looking at the paintings on the wall of the living room. Jane, Anniel’s mother is on a call in the room with her husband.]**

Jane: *[On a phone call.]* Darling, how are you doing out there? How is the new deal coming on? 

Oscar: Sweetheart, it’s been very challenging keeping up with the demand of our clients but we’re always one step ahead of them. How are you and the party girl? 

Jane: The youths of these days are full of everything. You won’t believe their choice of dancing. 

Oscar: Let them have their fun. Please don’t forget your flight on Kenya Airways from Lagos to Cape Town will depart at 11:10hrs. It’s approximately 2 hours 10 minutes flight duration because you’ll be having a stopover. 

Jane: Yes I remember. The party will end at 7pm so we can leave on the night bus to Lagos. 

Oscar: Ok since you insisted on going by road. 

Jane: We’ll briefly stop by my aunt’s to take a shower before heading to the airport. 

Oscar: Only be sure both of you are at the airport before checkin time. You know how Lagos traffic is. I’ve to get off the line now, I’ve a meeting at 6pm. One other thing, there is a welcome party for Anniel in the evening of tomorrow that you’ll be arriving. So you girls have to be prepared for it.

Jane: Ok sweetheart, I’ll mention to Anniel. *[End call]*

**[Tinu was able to spend sometime with her former schoolmates before resigning to the room. They kept looking at her in disbelieve because of her pregnancy but she didn’t mind. Anniel and Phil were able to catch a moment together.]**

Anniel: I’ve not taking my eyes off you since you stepped into the party.   

Phil: Same here. I’ve been waiting for this moment. I just didn’t want to interrupt you chatting with your former schoolmates. Is your mum anywhere around? 

Anniel: My mum asked that I introduce you the moment you’re at the party. 

Phil: You mean you’ve talked about me already? 

Anniel: Not as you think. It was just women side talk. 

Phil: Ok introduce me. 

Anniel: You just wait here let me call her from her room. [Phil waited nodding to the music playing out]*

**[Mimi quickly steal a moment with her brother]**

Mimi: Big brother Africa, I’ve got your back. *[Gave Phil a hug]*

Phil: *[Surprised]* And what is this for? 

Mimi: Later I’ve got to go, Anniel will be out with her mum soon. 

Anniel: *[Stepping towards Phil]* Mum, please meet Phil. Phil, meet mum. 

Phil: *[With a slight bow of respect]* Good evening mam. It’s a pleasure meeting you. I can now see where Anniel got her beauty from.

Jane: You’re a fine young man. And thanks for the compliments. 

Anniel: Mum, he is defending his project in 2 months time. He is pursuing a career in Chemical engineering. 

Phil: Hey! Anniel! Do you have to say all that?

Jane: Phil, pay know attention to her. Let me round up with what I have to get ready before we leave.

Anniel: Mum, you’ve just reminded me. Tinu, Mimi and, I need to talk before I leave. Phil, please enjoy the party while I get Mimi so we can be with Tinu in the room. 

Phil: *[With another slight bow of respect]* I wish both of you safe journey to SA and Anniel I’ll constantly keep in touch. 

**[Anniel’s mum got back to her room and Phil to where the party rocks. Tinu, Mimi and, Anniel are in there conspiratorial position in the Anniel’s room.]**

Anniel: Tinu, you’ll drive out with my mum and I so we can drop you at my aunt’s place as has been prearranged. My mum will come get you as she returns from SA. She is concerned that you don’t give birth before our examination day. 

Mimi: Tinu, herewith everything you need for our plan to be successful. We’ve gotten you a flight ticket so you can be quick. Herewith the address and phone number of the contact. We pray your pregnancy allows you sit for the exam on Saturday. 

Tinu: Girlfriends, I haven’t stopped thinking how our plan will bring up serous conflict between our families. It’s going to be a lot of trouble for innocent people. 

Mimi: Tinu, you shouldn’t be coming up with this sermons now. We cannot turn back now because it’s your future we’re talking about. 

Anniel: Tinu, don’t forget you should get a snapshot of the baby, send a copy to Mimi and I. Then dispose you sim and insert this other sim with the number known to only 3 of us.  

Mimi: That way we can keep in touch with you until the time is right. 

Tinu: It’s like the baby is agreeing with the plan. Anniel and Mimi, I know this plan of ours will start but I don’t think we all know how and when it will end. 

Mimi: Tinu, how it will end is that you’ll successfully graduate from the university without a baby depriving you of your long desired goal. Is that not what we agreed? 

Anniel: Girlfriends, while I leave to SA, know that I’m every step in this plan. I think we should join the rest before they start looking for us and it’s getting to time when my mum and I will have to leave to Lagos as our flight departs from there. 

Mimi: Anniel, how are you and your mother getting to the bus terminal? 

Anniel: My mum is of the opinion that she drives and park the SUV at the barracks close to the bus terminal. 

Mimi: Can I ask Phil to drive and I can come along too. Then we can drive back the SUV to be parked in the compound other than at the barracks. I know My brother will not mind more time with you and I know you’ll appreciate it. 

Anniel: It’s like you’re reading my mind. I’ll mention to my mum. She’ll definitely buy the idea as she was wishing there could have been someone to just as you mentioned. 

**[The party ended. Anniel and her mother are already on the way to the bus terminal. Tinu had been dropped off. At the bus terminal.]**

Jane: Phil, thanks for driving us to the terminal. You are a distinguished gentleman. I’ll mention to my husband how gentlemanly you were to Anniel and I. 

Anniel: *[Takes Phil by his hand]* Big brother Africa *[Anniel and Mimi smile at the same time]* Mum, that’s how Mimi addresses his brother. Thanks a lot. I never new you’re so kind hearted. I wish I had know you long before now. 

Phil: *[Places his hand Anniel’s who is still holding on to his hand]* We’re both coming through the part of discovery, we can only wait for what we uncover. 

Mimi: Big brother African, we really have to be going so we don’t get held up in traffic. 

Jane: Yes Mimi is correct. Anniel, lets present our bus tickets. 

Anniel: *[As if not to let go]* Phil, you’ll be in my heart. *[Gives an endearing hug]*

Phil: *[Returns the hug]* You’ve set up a rhythm in my heart that will keep me dancing. Distance will not be a deterrent taking every step of the dance. 

Mimi: *[Breaks the hug]* Big brother Africa, I also need my friends hug before she leaves.          *[Mimi and Anniel had a warm hug that lead to shedding tears]* Anniel, I’ll miss your warm personality. 

Anniel: *[Break the hug and hug again]* Mimi, one for all and all for one.   

**[Anniel and mother boarded the bus while Phil and Mimi drove back the SUV to Anniel’s home]**

Phil: *[Driving]* Now lil sis, care to tell me what the hug was all about while I was waiting for Anniel to introduce her mum to me. 

Mimi: One of the guys at the party was stalling Anniel so when I noticed it, I quickly take his attention away from her and I had to make you appear as the hottest guy in the party by giving you a hug.

Phil: Lil sis, a little competition will not have been bad. 

**[They got to Anniel’s home, parked the SUV and headed back to their home.]**

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