Bouquet of 66 Bible Books

From the Genesis of the bibleWe find the Exodus of 
The Jews making sacrifices in Leviticus 

Which they made in Numbers

Deuteronomy got them wandering

Till Joshua led them to the promise land

They had laws requiring Judges and females like Ruth

The duplication of Samuel reechoes the laws

They asked for more than one human Kings

Two Chronicles made clear their linage

Yet they lost their identity till Ezra

Along with Nehemiah restore their dignity

The wisdom of Esther boost their identity

Job figured the burden they bear in the flesh

How could they have coped without the Psalms

And Proverbs of wise sayings

They perceive life as vanity in Ecclesiastes. Even so,

Love is expressed adorably in The Songs of Solomon

In the face of raging adversities prophets like

Isaiah and Jeremiah comforted them in

Their lamentations. Still Ezekiel and Daniel

Reminded the consequences of their fallen state

Hosea bore their guilt, Joel prophesied the Lords day

Amos did not stop telling the Lords judgement

Visions of condemnation did not leave Obadiah

Jonah thought he could run from his duty

Micah pronouncement against the nations made clear

Nahum speaking of God’s vengeance

However, Habakkuk was running out of patience

Zephaniah yet encouraged them to seek God

With Haggai they had to rebuild the temple

Zechariah told them why they should return to God

Yet Malachi saw the Jews were not forthright.

Matthew brought in a new era

Mark like other 3 synoptic gospel writers

Wrote of the one man making the change

Luke and John agree with the first 2 synoptic gospels

The Acts of the apostles pave way for followers

Many of the followers like the Romans needed

Adjustments. A leading example of the followers wrote

Twice to the Corinthians as well as to the Galatians.

The Ephesians, Philippians and Colossians also got his writings

Not stopping there, twice he wrote the Thessalonians

Above all he showed personal interest in the young follower, Timothy

When he wrote him twice. Titus appointed followers that will lead.

Philemon received a letter of appeal from prison bond

To the Hebrews, the foremost leader role was made clear

The letter of James advices on faith but Peter twice impress the

Value of doing the will of God. John three times wrote faith

Conquers the world. Jude went back to what Genesis started.

The Jewish life history picture all human creation

Set for the judgement and blessings recorded in Revelation.

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