Indemnity S01E15

**[International Airport, Cape Town South Africa. Anniel and her mother came through immigration to the arrival lounge. Oscar was already waiting]**

Oscar: *[With a broad smile and outstretched arms]* My girls, good to have you herewith me. *[Reachout to Anniel with a hug]* Anniel, you’re now a mature lady. *[Letting off the hug]* I hope you don’t have any young man trailing you down here. 

Anniel: Dad, stop teasing me. No young man will trail me without you knowing. 

Jane: Please let me have my husband you have to wait for yours. 

Oscar: *[Turn to his wife]* Darling, you know I have to save the best for last. 

Jane: *[Gives hugs and Kisses]* I’m surely the best. 

Oscar: *[Reciprocating in kind]* You sure are by every standard *[Anniel clears throat to draw attention]*

Anniel: Here comes our luggages. 

Oscars: *[Calling an airport attendants]* Hello, please assist in wheeling those luggages to our SUV at the car park. 

**[The airport attendant wheels the luggages while they followed behind. They drove safely to their apartment]**

Anniel: Dad, the house is more beautiful than the last time that I came. 

Oscar: Thanks to your mum, she makes sure I keep the same thirst as back home. You girls can go take a shower so you can relax before the dinner party. 

Anniel: Dad, please allow me call my friends on you phone. 

Oscar: Oh sure go ahead my dear. You can go straight to your room if you need some privacy. 

Anniel: *[Wheel along her heavy box of clothing]* Thanks dad. *[Gasp for breath]* I do need the space. 

**[Anniel put a call through to Tinu and Mimi in Nigeria]**

Anniel: *[As Tinu answered her phone call]* Baby girl, its Anniel  

Tinu: *[Excited]* Hey! SA babe! I’m glad you arrived safely. How is your dad? 

Anniel: My dad is fine. I’m missing you already my friends. How are you and the baby? I hope my aunt is treating you well? 

Tinu: Baby is doing well and you aunt is just like your mum. She is almost spoiling me with affection. She has gone out though. 

Anniel: Ok girlfriend, we’ll link up later I should call Mimi also. 

Tinu: Ok SA babe. My warm regards to your mum *[End call]*

**[Anniel immediately put a call through to Mimi]**

Mimi: *[Quickly picks her]* This is Anniel’s voice. Babe! Live from SA!  

Anniel: Sure girl! How are you? 

Mimi: Getting ready for the exam. How is your mum and dad? 

Anniel: Both are doing quite well. How is big brother Africa? *[Giggles]*

Mimi: Hey! That’s suppose to be for me and only me. Don’t mind me I can share. He is just about stepping out of the house. 

Anniel: Please let speak to him. 

Mimi: *[Calling out and running out of her room]* Hold on. Big brother Africa, big brother Africa someone is on the line to speak to you. 

Phil: Who is?

Mimi: Find out by yourself. *[Hands over the phone]*

Phil: Phil here. 

Anniel: Hi, this is Anniel. 

Phil: Oh my! I wasn’t expecting your call to come so early. You most have barely unpacked. 

Anniel: Very correct. Thanks for driving us to the bus terminal. 

Phil: It’s a pleasure. How is your dad? 

Anniel: He is full of excitement to have us around. How is your project coming on? 

Phil: I’m almost rounding up. I have to defend it in a months time. 

Anniel: I have to keep this call brief. This is my dad’s phone, I only ask to use it to call you my friends that we arrived safely. 

Phil: You’re always so passionate. Hey! I hope I left enough seal on you to keep off those SA duds. 

Anniel: You know you deed. Can I speak to Mimi before I go off the line. 

Phil: Sure. Please call me when you have your phone line. *[Hands over phone to Mimi who has been standing around smiling]*

**[Anniel and Mimi touch chat on their secret plan. Mimi confirmed everything aspect of the plan is air tight. Call ended with Anniel coming out her room to meet her parents.]**

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