Indemnity S01E16

**[Nigeria, Port-Harcourt]**

**[The Badro family are getting the home ready for Tinu’s return.]**

Jimmy: *[Approach his wife in the room prepared for Tinu]* Please tell me, do you think Tinu is so offended at my driving her out that she doesn’t want to return home? 

Bimpe: *[Leave off what she is doing]* No ‘Oloori mi’ *[my head in Nigeria Yoruba dialect]* Tinu is not offend. If she had been at the on set, I know she would have understood and appreciated the discipline you gave her. 

Jimmy: Has she even told you when she is returning home? 

Bimpe: She needed an enabling environment to aid her in preparing and writing her exam. Like she said, she’ll come back home 2 weeks after her exam. 

Jimmy: Do you know when she’ll likely have her baby? 

Bimpe: If my calculation is correct, she is ending her eighth month of pregnancy. 

Jimmy: I can see why you’re decorating her room with the baby in mind. So she is either returning home with her baby in hand or she’ll not be long back home before the baby arrives. 

Bimpe: I’ll prefer she is back home before the baby arrives. 

Jimmy: Hmmm, so I’ll have to hear the cry of an infant after so many years. Does Tinu know the father of her unborn child? Have you asked her? 

Bimpe: I’ve not asked. The circumstance until now has not made it possible but I know Tinu will let us know when she returns home.

Jimmy: I’ll be visiting a former senior colleague of mine who is working out a possible employment for me.   

**[Jimmy left to visit his former senior colleague while Bimpe continued rearranging Tinu’s room with the children at home.]**

**[South Africa, Cape Town]**

**[Anniel’s welcome party is on in ernest. Everyone is getting introduced to everyone]**

Oscar: *[Takes Anniel by her right hand and beckon at Jane too]* Come let me introduce you to some key people present that you should know.

Anniel: *[Put her best ladylike foot forward]* Dad you make me feel like a lady. 

Oscar: Feel like a lady, you say but that’s what you’ve grown to be. So I can’t treat you any less. Please come along. Meet the chairman of our new product line that’s going to lunch us into the international market Mr. Winston. Mr. Winston, please meet my daughter Anniel. 

Winston: Mr. Barakat, you’ve got such a young attractive daughter. She’ll pass as an African queen as portrayed in some African songs. *[Pecks Anniel’s right back palm]* Anniel, thanks for coming to visit. 

Anniel: *[With a slight ladylike bow]* The pleasure is mine, Mr. Winston. 

Oscar: Mr. Winston remember by my wife, Jane. 

Winston: Hard to forget. I most say you gave a large portion of your beauty to you daughter. I won’t forget so easily the last time you visited our facility with you husband. 

Jane: *[Smile]* Mr. Winston, you made it memorable too with your good sense of humor. 

**[All three gave way to laughter except Anniel who could not make out the humor. The introduction went round the party guest leaving Anniel feeling like an Hollywood star.]**

**[Nigeria, Portharcourt]**

**[The Doniye family. Phil just got back from visiting a friend]**

Frank: Phil, son, please come over and let’s talk for a while. 

Phil: *[Paused mid way into the living room]* Good evening dad, I’ll be in a minute please allow me drop off these in my room. 

Frank: Okay son. *[Soliloquize]* He has surely grown into a fine young man. 

Mimi: *[Step out of her room]* Dad, did I not hear Phil’s voice out here some minute ago? 

Frank: You sure did, my dear. He just got into his room and would be out soon. Mimi, your exam is just a day to go and I know you’re ready on the go.  

Phil: *[Step out of his room]* Dad, I’m all yours for the asking. 

Mimi: Big brother Africa, I need you to put me through some past questions I’m going through. 

Phil: I’ll be with you as soon as dad sets me free. By the way, where is mum? 

Mimi: She came back tired and sneaked onto her bed immediately after dinner. Dad, please set him free quickly for my-sake.  

Frank: Your brother will be set free just before you know it. Phil, please have your sit. 

Phil: *[Smiling at Mimi]* Lil sis, I’ll be with you soon, dad has promised. 

Mimi: Ok I’ll go in peace so I don’t disrupt this man to man talk. Big brother Africa, I’ll be waiting. 

Frank: Your sister is very fond of you and same with you. As you father, I like the bonding between the two of you. 

Phil: Dad, you and mum have done a good job in the way you brought us up. Mimi and I is not going to throw all that away as if it meant nothing to us.

Frank: Son, it gives me the goose bumps hearing that from you. I’ll relate this same words of yours to your mum. Son, the reason I asked this audience with you has to do with your personal life. 

Phil: Go on dad, it’s ok. 

Frank: Son, you’ve grown up to be a fine young man and I know you most be getting attention from the ladies as much as you may want to give them attention too. You’ve not mentioned anything about your love life to me. 

Phil: Dad, thanks for giving me the space to develop myself into the fine young man you’ve seen in me. You’ve been my mentor all the way. Well dad, I was waiting for the right time but if you most know. 

Frank: You can tell me son. 

Phil: There is a lady. It’s just that it’s at the early stage. She is a friend of Mimi. Actually, she has left to SA to continue her studies. Her father has a company in SA. He asked her to come over. Her mother is still back here in Port-harcourt. 

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