Indemnity S01E17


**[Cape Town, South Africa]**

**[The Barakak’s back home after the welcome party]**

Anniel: Dad, thanks for putting this party in place in honor of me. I enjoy every bit of it. Mr. Winston is such a gentle elderly man. 

Frank: Anniel, you deserve it. Most of all, I wanted my business associates to meet you as you may have to represent me at times. 

Anniel: *[hugs dad]* Love you dad. Thanks for all the opportunities you’ve been according me. 

Frank: So tell me young lady, who is the young man in your life? 

Anniel: Oh dad, not at this time.   

Frank: Anniel dear, I’m just curious. I observed all the while at the party you did not pay any heed to all the young men who attempted to get your attention. I don’t think you did that because I was present. 

Anniel: Did mum tell you of the young man that drove us to the bus terminal?  

Frank: Yes, she did. What’s with him? 

Anniel: He is the young man in my life. 

Frank: Interesting. How did you meet him and who is he? 

**[Anniel told her father everything he need to know and how she feels about him]**

**[Portharcourt, Nigeria]**

**[At Anniel’s aunt where Tinu put up as Anniel and mother are away to SA]**

Tinu: Aunty, I was able to tidy up the living room. 

Beauty: Tinu, I’ve been observing you since you came into my home. You’re a well brought up girl. How did you get yourself in this kind of situation. I mean you don’t appear like someone who could have gotten pregnant when you still have your life ahead of you. 

Tinu: Aunty, I guess I couldn’t tame the sexual passion that builds up in the heart of a young lady.  

Beauty: When you come through this, please don’t let it happen again. 

Tinu: I’ll bet my life on that. Anniel’s mum is likely to be back today. If she does, I’ll plead she allow me stay back here to sit for my exam tomorrow as it’s closer to my examination center. I hope you don’t mind. 

Beauty: Mind, if not for one thing I’ll have suggested you come put up with me finally. I’m living here all by myself. 

Tinu: Aunty, you’re also a very accommodating person. You don’t mind if I ask a question. 

Beauty: Go ahead Tinu. 

Tinu: Where is your family? I mean your husband and children. 

Beauty: I cannot keep count of how many people have asked this same question. Tinu, pardon me I’ll give you the answer not today. 

Anniel: Ok aunty, I’ll respect your not telling me today. 

Beauty: Tinu, I hope you have an idea who the father of the unborn child is. 

Tinu: Sorry aunty, that’s a topic I’m not comfortable talking about at this time. 

Beauty: I see you to be an intelligent girl that cannot be fooled around. 

**[Tinu was in a trans for a moment as she reminisce in time.]**

Beauty: Tinu, are you alright? 

Tinu: *[Get off the trans]* Oh! Yes! I’m alright. I just got carried away by my thought of how I’ll manage tomorrow in the examination hall with my pregnancy weighing me down so heavily. 

Beauty: You’re a strong lady. I only pray you don’t get into labor in the examination hall. 

**[Just as Tinu is to say something, a call come through on Beauty’s mobile phone. It is a call from Anniel’s mother in South Africa]**

Beauty: *[Pick up her call]* Hmm, the SA mama. How are you, your husband and Anniel? Is Anniel settling in well? 

Jane: Aunty, my husband and I are doing well. Anniel is ok and settling in good. How are you and Tinu doing? 

Beauty: We’re fine. I must tell you that Tinu is a well brought up girl. She is hearing me say this. 

Jane: I saw that as well that’s why I can afford to allow her stay with my daughter when her parents threw her out. Please I’ll be back tomorrow instead.  

Beauty: That’s ok. Speak with Tinu. *[Hand over the mobile phone to Tinu]*

Tinu: Good day ma. How is Anniel? How are you?  

Jane: Tinu have you been doing fine? Anniel is doing well. I know she’ll call you before your exam tomorrow. I’ll be back tomorrow not today any long as was previously planned. So you’ll be with aunty till tomorrow. 

Tinu: It’s ok ma. My exam location is closer here of which I was speaking with aunty that I’ll want to stay with her till tomorrow even if you had returned today. 

Jane: I know aunty will be ok with that. Success at your exam tomorrow and tell that baby to wait until you’re done with your exam. 

Tinu: *[Laughs]* The baby has agreed already. 

Jane: *[Laughs in return]* Please give the mobile phone to aunty. 

**[Jane and Beauty talked at length on how to assist Tinu to transport back and forth on her examination day, when and how to bring her back home.]**

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