Indemnity S02E01

**[Four days later. Port harcourt Nigeria]**

**[Tinu is rushed to the Baraka’s family hospital. Tinu’s labor pain is becoming more frequent and intense]**

Doctor Princewill: *[Walk over to Mrs. Barakat]* Mrs. Barakat, the nurses will be taking her to the delivery room. Where is her husband?

Jane: Doctor Princewill, let the nurses quickly take her to the delivery room. After her safe delivery, she’ll be able to answer your question. Tinu, you want to call your mother?

Tinu: No, I’ll call her after my delivery. You’re here for me and I’m fine with you here. I’ll rather call Mimi so she can be around. *[Start dialing up Mimi]*

Mimi: *[Acceptes Tinu call]* Tinu, you’re sounding like you’re in serious pain. Has your Labour pain started? Are you home alone?

Tinu: Mimi, I’m being taking to the delivery room this moment. Please come to the hospital. I need you to support Anniel’s mother.

Mimi: I’ll be right on my way.

**[Tinu ended the call just before she entered the delivery room. Anniel’s mother waited patiently at the corridor. Just then Mimi arrived at the hospital]**

Mimi: *[Approaches Mrs. Barakat]* Good day ma, is Tinu in the delivery room already? Will she be ok? Did she call her mother already?

Jane: *[Calms Mimi]* Mimi, calm down your friend is fine and she will deliver safely. Tinu doesn’t want to call her mother until she has been delivered of the baby.

Mimi: Her mother has not called her?

Jane: She may have called. Tinu switched off her phone and handed it to me just after she ended the call with you.

**[As Jane and Mimi were conversing they heard the cry of a newly born baby. Both were full of excitement that they hugged each other couple of times. Confirming their excitement, doctor Princewill walked out to break the news of a safe delivery.]**

Doctor Princewill: *[Take off is nose guard]* Mrs. Barakat, she gave birth to a fine baby.

Mimi: *[Excitedly]* Can I go and see them right now?

Doctor Princewill: Oh no miss, the nurses are cleaning up both mother and child. She got so weak during the delivery. She needs some space to rest awhile so she can regain her strength.

Mimi: Ok I’ll wait for the nurses to take her and the baby to the ward.

Doctor Princewill: Mrs. Barakat, please meet me in my office.

Mimi: Please mam, can I be the one to break the news to Anniel?

Jane: Ok. Here, you can use my phone. Let me walk to the doctor’s office

**[Mimi did not waste anytime dialing Anniel’s number who also picked up the call immediately.]**

Mimi: *[Phone conversation]* Hey Anniel, guess what.

Anniel: Tinu has put to birth!

Mimi: Yes! I’m so excited!

Anniel: have you seen the baby and Tinu?

Mimi: Infact I’m seeing the baby right now. The nurses are just wheeling the baby to the private ward.

Anniel: can you describe the looks of the baby?

Mimi: purely black American. The completion and looks of the baby in comparison with Tinu’s, will leave so much question hanging on the mind of anyone who sees the baby and then the mother.

Anniel: that makes it obvious that Wyatt is truly responsible for her pregnancy. It makes certain Anniel’s story to us.

Mimi: Anniel, your mum is walking over. Tinu is also being wheeled to the private ward. I’ve to end the call now. *[Hang up phone]*

Jane: Mimi, none of you girls mentioned that it was an expatriate that was responsible for Tinu’s pregnancy. Is he aware?

Mimi: Tinu did not tell us either as much as she did mention she knows who is responsible. Also, I’m not aware if he knows of the pregnancy.

Jane: You girls are full of surprises. Four days after your examination comes this surprise half-cast baby. Tinu’s mum will be very surprise when she sees the baby. Come let’s get to be with Tinu in the private ward.

**[Both ladies walked to the private ward of Tinu]**

Mimi: *[Jane looks at Tinu with a face of many questions]* Tinu, you’ve got a very fine baby.

Jane: Tinu, do you know the father of the baby? Does he know he is to have a child?

Tinu: I know the father but he does not know about the child.

Jane: I’ll suggest you call your mother to be around she needs to know that you’ve safely delivered. *[Extends Tinu’s phone towards her]*

Tinu: *[Reaching for her phone acted as though she has dialed up her mum]* She must be busy. She’ll call me back when she sees my missed call. *[She quickly place her phone on silence]*

Jane: Tinu, I’ve to leave now. Mimi, please stay with Tinu until are mother comes. The nurses will take care of your meal just tell them what you need. *[Walks over to the baby cot]* Cute baby, I’ve to leave now. Will see you tomorrow. Mimi, please take care of them.

**[Jane left the hospital. Mimi and Tinu revisited their secret plan]**

Mimi: Tinu, this baby is just so fine that if it was possible to change our secret plan I’ll say let’s do that.

Tinu: When I looked at the baby my heart melt in me. However, I cannot turn back now. Now that you’re here take a snap of the baby with your phone and forward to Anniel too.

Mimi: So when and how do you intend to carry out our secret plan?

Tinu: Once I confirm when Anniel’s mum will be reaching the hospital tomorrow, I’ll want to carry out the plan before she reaches the hospital.

Mimi: Your mum has not called you back yet?

Tinu: *[Checked her phone and saw 12 missed call from her mum]* No she has not called yet.

**[It is already getting late but Tinu’s mother has not appeared. Tinu advice Mimi to be going as it’s getting late]**

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