Indemnity S02E02

**[At the hospital the nurses are analyzing the likely reason Tinu is having a baby that is foreign]** 
Nurse 1: When the baby came out I thought I mistakenly entered the wrong delivery room. You should have seen the looks on our faces.

Nurse 2: I was expecting to see a white man coming over as the father. 

Nurse 3: Did you even see a black man come over? 

Nurse 4: Since the day Mrs. Barakat brought her to be registered for her antenatal’s, I mistook her to be her daughter until Anniel herself started coming with her. 

Nurse 3: Remember Anniel introduced her as her friend.   

Doctor Princewill: *[Steps out of his office to the nurses]* Please get me Tinu’s file *[Returns. Nurse 1 go searching for the file and takes it to the doctor’s office]* 

Nurse 2: Don’t you girls see how girls in this town flock around expatriates for whatever reason they do. 

Nurse 4: Are you insinuating that she could be one of such girls? 

Nurse 3: What if she truly has an expat husband and he is out of the country for now. 

Nurse 2: You’ll be surprise that this girl is not up to 20 years yet. 

**[The nurses went on and on without drawing to any conclusion. Doctor Princewill and nurse 1 went in to see Tinu]** 

Doctor Princewill: How is mother and child doing?   

Tinu: *[Breast feeding her baby]* We’re fine.  

Nurse 1: Please your dinner will soon be served. 

Doctor Princewill: All the test conducted suggest your baby has no complications and you’re also not doing bad. 

Tinu: Thanks doctor, that’s an encouraging report.  

Doctor Princewill: We’ll observe you and the baby up until mid-day tomorrow, if both of you still remain the way you’re at present, then you’ll be discharged evening of tomorrow. 

Tinu: Please is Mrs. Barakat informed already? 

Doctor Princewill: Not yet but I’ll call her up the moment I get back to my office. Nurse, ensure they bring her dinner very soon it’s getting late already. 

**[As doctor Princewill and nurse 1 walks out of the ward, he returns to Tinu again]** 

Doctor Princewill: *[Addresses nurse 1]* Please wait on outside while I discuss with Tinu. *[Nurse 1 steps out of the ward]* Tinu, you’re a young promising lady. You may have made a mistake but let this be the only mistake. You have a very healthy good looking baby but I hope you know who the father is. 

Tinu: Thanks for your concern and complement. Yes I know who the father is but he doesn’t know he has a child. 

Doctor Princewill: Where are your parents? 

Tinu: They’re in this town. My father threw me out of the house the moment he knew I was pregnant. Since then Mrs. Barakat whose daughter was my classmate took me in and she has been like a mother to me. 

Doctor Princewill: Maybe I’ll get to meet your mother when she comes around. 

Tinu: *[Speak in an under tone]* you will meet her indeed. 

Doctor Princewill: the nurses will soon be here with you dinner. It will be better for to have your meal now that the baby is sleeping. 

**[Doctor Princewill left to office while Tinu had some quiet time to brood over the secret plan.]** 

**[Back at Tinu parents]** 

Bimpe: My husband, I’ve been dialing Tinu’s number all day but she has not picked but later remained switched off. I’ve the feeling she must be in labor waiting to give birth. 

Jimmy: I know you women have a way of knowing such. You can go check at the hospital she told you she registered tomorrow morning. 

Bimpe: That’s exactly what I’ll do because I’m already disturbed at not hearing from her all day. 

**[The Doniye’s residence]** 

Suzzy: *[Reclining on the Sofa beside her husband]* Darling, my day was very hectic. How was your day? 

Frank: one of our client demanded we deliver his project tomorrow so I could not go out for lunch. I binged on some snacks instead. 

Mimi: *[Joined her parents in the living room]* Mum, Tinu had put to birth. A very healthy good looking baby. 

Suzzy: Whoa, that’s good to know. How was she and the baby? 

Mimi: I left them doing very well. 

Suzzy: by the way does Mimi know the father of the child? 

Frank: *[Just as Phil joined the rest of the family in the living room]* Was the father at the hospital? 

Mimi: Tinu knows the father of the child but he wasn’t at the hospital till I left. 

Phil: *[Sitting down]* Is the baby as Ebony dark as she is? 

Mimi: the baby actually looks black American. 

**[A surprise look is shared around]** 

Phil: Black American? Does that mean ……… 

Mimi: *[Cutting in]* Big brother Africa, please try not to insinuate anything. 

**[Mrs. Barakat makes a call to her daughter in SA]** 

Jane: *[Anniel picks her call]* Anniel dear, how are you today? Is your father back home yet? You’ve heard that your friend Tinu put to birth today. 

Anniel: Yes mum, Mimi called me with your phone. 

Jane: I’m worried about Tinu’s baby. Although I’m glad she gave birth successfully but I cannot stop thinking what kind of life she possibly have lived and could you and Mimi be involved too? 

Anniel: Mum it’s not what you think. 

Jane: it’s common knowledge how young ladies flock around the expatriate workers in the city but to think of my daughter and her friends involved is not a happy thought for me. 

Anniel: Mum, that Tinu’s baby looks foreign does not suggest what you’re bordered about. I know Tinu will tell you everything you need to know as soon as she is back home. 

Jane: I’m also bordered that her mother did not call or come to the hospital till I left. 

**[Both continued in the conversation till Anniel’s mother ended the call.]** 

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