Indemnity S02E03

**[Tinu wake quite early the next at the hospital, took her birth breastfeed the baby and lay the baby to sleep]**

Tinu: *[Soliloquizing]* Rest my dear little one. I nurture you on my apron of motherhood, I hold the memory of the relationship that brought you to birth so dear. You become part of my dream but one that I have to leave behind with pain in my heart. Today I depart from you in hopes of meeting with you again. What would have become of you at the time, only time will make it obvious. Should you ever get worried about your past or who your mother was, find a way to forgive for I’m a young lady in want of my future with no hindrance. I part with you with a heavy heart of a mother who dearly loves her new born child. My dear you may or not understand my position if you get to know of it. There are so many loving people that will be ready to take care of you while I’m gone *[Shed tears]* so I’m sure you’ll be in safe hands. *[Wipe dry her tears]* 

**[Tinu takes a snapshot of the baby while sleeping. Send copies to Anniel and Mimi. She send the snapshot to her email address. She then delete all her social media accounts. She destroys her regular SIM and inserted the SIM that only Anniel and Mimi knows]** 

Nurse 2: *[As Tinu walks pass the hospital reception]* You’re up so early and appear ready to be discharged. How is your baby? 

Tinu: My baby slept after breastfeeding. I’m going walk around a little to experience my environment. 

Nurse 2: Ok please be back on time so you can have your breakfast. 

**[Tinu step out of the reception walked some distance away from the hospital and boarded the next available taxi to the airport.]** 

Mimi: *[Back at home – Nigeria, got Tinu’s text of the baby snapshot. Soliloquizing]* Hmmm, this is text from Tinu. That means she has left the baby at the hospital as we planned. Oh my I don’t know how this will go and end up but I have to be very ready. 

Anniel: *[Back in South Africa. Soliloquizing]* Tinu’s text of the baby snapshot. Such a lovely baby. This is becoming hard for me to imagine than agreeing to such plan we came up with. Since Tinu as set the ball rolling, there is no turning the hands of the clock now. 

**[Tinu’s mother got to the hospital 20 minutes after Tinu left]** 

Bimpe: *[At the hospital reception]* Good morning Nurse. Please there is a young lady by name Tinu who have been coming to this hospital for her antenatal. Please has she put to birth yet?   

Nurse 2: Tinu, oh yes. She gave birth to a healthy looking baby just yesterday. 

Bimpe: Can I see her and the baby? 

Nurse 2: Pardon me madam, can I know how you’re related? 

Bimpe: She is my daughter and the baby is my grand child. 

Nurse 2: Please madam, I cannot allow you in yet. In fact she step out to walk around the hospital environment and the baby is sleeping at the moment. If you please take a seat, you’ll see her walk back in then you might go along with her. 

Bimpe: ok thank you. 

**[Bimpe waited for 20 minutes but Tinu wasn’t returning. At the same moment the baby started crying. At this time the nurses are getting concerned about what could be keeping Tinu]** 

Bimpe: Is that not the cry of the baby I’m hearing? Where did you say Tinu went? 

Nurse 1: Madam, I learnt you said you’re Tinu’s mother. Please can you put a call through to her phone as we have tried the phone number on her card but it’s not connecting. 

Bimpe: I’ve also been trying with the same challenge.  

Nurse 1: Madam please just stay seated we’ll attend to the baby and call the doctor in. *[Start dialing up the doctor]* 

Bimpe: *[Soliloquizing]* Why will Tinu leave her baby and be strolling about in the environment. Is everything alright? *[Addressing nurse 2]* How long ago has Tinu been strolling in the environment? 

Nurse 2: It’s going to an hour already. 

Bimpe: Mo gbe *[“I’m in trouble” in the Nigerian Yoruba dialect]* Why will Tinu want to do this to me. 

**[At this time the doctor walked into the hospital straight to his office]** 

Doctor Princewil: *[Call nurse 1 on the intercom]* Nurse please come to my office. 

Bimpe: *[as nurse 1 walk to me doctor Princewill]* Was that the doctor that just walked pass? If he is tell him I’ll like to see him. 

Doctor Princewill: *[Gesture at nurse 1 to seat while end his call]* I just put a call through to Mrs. Barakat, she’ll soon be here. How long has Tinu left the hospital? 

Nurse 1: Like an hour fifteen minutes now? 

Doctor Princewill: Who is the woman at the reception? 

Nurse 1: She said she is Tinu’s mother. 

Doctor Princewill: She’ll have to prove that beyond saying it. We’re having a case of an abandoned baby on our hands. Have you been taking care of the baby? 

Nurse 1: The baby started crying but we fed the baby with formula and the baby is sleeping now. 

**[Mrs. Barakat walked into the hospital and went to the doctor office]** 

Doctor Princewill: Mrs. Barakat, please coming. Nurse kindly excuse Mrs. Barakat and I. Madam please seat down. *[Nurse 1 exit the doctor office]* You’re welcome. 

Jane: Doctor, what is this? This is coming to me as a shock. In my wildest dream I never so this coming. 

Doctor Princewill: in this profession you expect anything but I really wasn’t expecting this. 

Jane: I’ve not survived the case of a foreign baby and now this? Tinu did not look a girl to do this kind of thing. Can my daughter be aware of this? 

Doctor Princewill: Do you know the woman seated at the reception? 

Jane: No I’ve not seen her before. 

Doctor Princewill: My nurses said she introduced herself as Tinu’s mother. 

Jane: Tinu’s mother!? If she is the one, it’s my first time of seeing her. I expected her to have been present yesterday even after Tinu called her. 

Doctor Princewill: Something definitely is not right. Well Mrs. Barakat we’re stock with an abandoned baby. If you’ll be ready to carter for the baby then I can release the baby to you and not to the woman seated out there. 

Jane: And if I can’t?  

Doctor Princewill: Then I’ll have no option other than to turn the baby over to a well fare home where I can monitor the baby’s development. 

Jane: Have you spoken with the woman at the reception? 

Doctor Princewill: I didn’t want to speak with her in your absence. However, speaking with her does not automatically transfer the baby to her if you’ll not want to take the baby in. 

Jane: You know my husband and daughter are not in the country. I need to consult with my husband on this one. 

Doctor Princewill: Ok I’ll give you till mid-day tomorrow after which I’ll call up the well fare home. 

**[Mrs. Bimpe Badro call up her husband to show up at the hospital. Doctor Princewill on the intercom called the nurses to ask Mrs. Badro into his office.]** 

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