Indemnity S02E04

**[At the hospital. Mrs. Bimpe Badro is already in the doctor’s office with Mrs. Jane Barakat seated.]** 
Doctor Princewill: *[Beckons at Mrs. Bimpe Badro to have her seat.]* Madam please have your seat.   

Jane: Thank you 

Doctor Prince: I’m told you’ve been waiting at the reception. Please may I know you? 

Bimpe: I’m Mrs. Bimpe Badro mother of Tinu.  

Doctor Princewill: Do you know the woman seated at your side? 

Bimpe: No, I do not. 

Doctor Princewill: That is Mrs. Jane Barakat.  

Bimpe: The mother of my daughter’s friend!? Oh madam it saddens me that it’s at this moment I’m meeting you.  

Jane: Madam, I wish I had met you before this moment. 

Doctor Princewill: Mrs. Badro you said you’re Tinu’s mother. I’ve called you in as a concerned woman. If Tinu is your daughter that’s subject for another time. 

Bimpe: Mrs. Barakat, I cannot hold back expressing my deepest appreciation for the way your family cared for my daughter. I have always prayed for God’s blessings on you and your family. 

Jane: To God be the glory. Madam, I expected you could have showed up yesterday even after Tinu called you. 

Bimpe: I’ve always been a loving caring mother not to be concerned about my daughter. I didn’t get any call from Tinu. Instead I called several times yesterday. Most of the time I called it rang but my call was not picked until the next that the phone was switched off. 

Jane: That’s strange. Tinu told me she called but you were not on hand to pick her call and that you’ll call her back when you see her miss call.  

**[Mr. Jimmy Badro arrived at the hospital and approach the reception]** 

Jimmy: Nurse, please my wife was here to see our daughter. Where is she? 

Nurse 3: If it’s the madam that Tinu is her daughter, she is in the doctor’s office. 

Jimmy: Please direct me to the doctor’s office. 

Nurse 3: Please Sir, hold on while I inform the doctor. *[dials doctor’s intercom]* Please, what’s your name sir? 

Jimmy: Jimmy, Jimmy Badro. 

Nurse 3: *[Speak through the intercom]* Doctor, Mr. Jimmy Badro is at the reception seeking audience with you. 

Doctor Princewill: *[Answers the intercom call]* Mr. Jimmy Badro wants to see me? 

Bimpe: *[Cutting in]* That’s my husband, I called him to come over immediately. 

Doctor Princewill: *[Intercom call continue]* Nurse, please direct him to my office. 

**[Just as Jimmy was directed to the doctor’s office, Mimi arrived the hospital too.]** 

Nurse 3: *[Nurse 1 walk to the hospital reception as Nurse 3 walk Mr. Badro to the doctor’s office]* Sir, please come with me. 

**[Nurse 3 left with Mr. Badro as Mimi approaches Nurse 1]** 

Mimi: Good day nurse. How are you today? How is my friend and her baby? 

Nurse 1: *[Answer from behind the reception desk]* You friend’s baby is fine but you friend has abandoned her baby. 

Mimi: It’s a lie! 

Nurse 1: No it’s not. She’s been gone for over four hours now and all attempt to get her on her phone number has not been successful. 

Mimi: That explains it. Before getting here, I’ve been dialing her mobile number severally it wasn’t even connecting. Can I see the baby? 

Nurse 1: No the doctor had restricted any from seeing the baby. 

Mimi: Has Anniel’s mother been here this morning? 

Nurse 1: Yes. She is in with the doctor, as well as Tinu’s mother. That was Tinu’s father taking to the doctor’s office too. 

Mimi: *[Soliloquizing, while she walks to seat on the chair at the reception]* OMG! I wonder where the deliberation is heading. Anticipation of how all of this will turn out is making the whole environment tense for me. Anniel is off at SA while I’m the only one stuck with this secret plan of ours. I never thought of it this way. I wish my admission comes up quickly so I can breath a sigh of relief. We must have been very selfish in our reasoning when we put this plan of ours through. This baby is just too good looking to be abandoned by any mother not to talk of I been involved in this abandonment.

**[Mimi continued in her trans soliloquy without noticing that the crew are already coming out of the doctor’s office]** 

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