Colour: did you knows

  1. A lobsters blood is colorless but when exposed to oxygen it turns blue 
  2. Goldfish can see both infrared and ultraviolet light 
  3. At birth dalmations are always white 
  4. Black on yellow are the 2 colors with the strongest impact 
  5. The safest car color is white 
  6. A cats urine glows under a blacklight 
  7. White cats with blue eyes are usually deaf 
  8. Scotland has the most redheads 
  9. Scorpions glow under ultra violet light 
  10. The coloured part of your eye is called the iris 
  11. The rarest type of diamond is green 
  12. The meaning of ‘Blue Chip’ comes from blue casino chips which have a high value 
  13. Crocodiles are colour blind 
  14. Grasshoppers have white blood 
  15. Blonde beards grow faster than darker beards 
  16. Red light has the highest wavelength 
  17. Turnips turn green when sunburnt 
  18. Blue and white are the most common school colors 
  19. Spiders have transparent blood 
  20. Mosquitoes prefer children to adults and blondes to brunettes 

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