Country: did you knows

  1. Brazil got its name from the Brazilian nut (not the other way around) 
  2. More than 75% of all countries are north of the equator 
  3. Hawaii officially became apart of the US in 1900 
  4. There are no rivers in Saudi Arabia 
  5. The largest exporter of sugar is Cuba 
  6. Icelandic phone books are listed by first names (not surnames) 
  7. The subject of the first printed book in England was about chess 
  8. The yo-yo was originally used as a weapon for hunting the in the Philippines 
  9. Orienteering originated from Sweden 
  10. New Zealands first hospital was opened in 1843 
  11. The Chinese used fingerprints as a method of identification as far back as AD 700 
  12. Paper money was first used in China 
  13. The US shreds 7,000 tons of worn out currency each year 
  14. Americans spend $10 million a day on potato chips 
  15. All of the cobble stones used to line the streets in New York were originally stones found in the hulls of Belgian ships ballast 
  16. A Chinese checkerboard has 121 holes 
  17. 32% of all land in the U.S. is owned by the government 
  18. Pinocchio is Italian for ‘pine head’ 
  19. The oldest exposed surface on Earth is New Zealand’s south island 
  20. You can buy square watermelons in Japan (developed to stack better in supermarkets) 

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