Country: did you knows

  1. The fastest insect is the Australian dragon fly (its top speed is 57 km/h (35mp/h)) 
  2. 20% of China’s plants are used in medicine 
  3. 2/3 of the world’s eggplants are grown in the US New Jersey 
  4. It was once illegal to slam your car door in Switzerland 
  5. People in Iceland read more books per capita than any other country 
  6. The word denim comes from ‘de Nimes’ or from Nimes which is a town in France 
  7. The world’s smallest mammal is the bumblebee bat of Thailand 
  8. England’s Stonehenge is over 5,000 years old 
  9. There are 132 rooms in the US White House 
  10. Over 96% of American households purchase bananas at least once a month 
  11. Hawaii is the only US state that grows cacao beans which go into the production of chocolate 
  12. 52% of Americans drink coffee 
  13. Brazil accounts for 1/3 of the world’s coffee production 
  14. Coffee is grown commercially in over 45 countries around the world 
  15. Coffee represents 75% of all the caffeine consumed in the US 
  16. Japan is the 3rd largest consumer of coffee 
  17. Over 5 million people in Brazil are employed in the coffee industry 
  18. The US is the world’s largest consumer of coffee 
  19. Australia is the only country that is also a continent 
  20. Hawaii officially became apart of the US on June 14 1900 

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