Indemnity  S02E05

Jane: *[Calls Mimi who is still in her trans soliloquy yet she didn’t hear until the third call]* Mimi, Mimi, Mimi are you alright?

Mimi: *[As if out of a trans]* Oh sorry ma. I was just overtaken by my thoughts. The nurses just told me that Tinu had abandoned her baby and that you’re in a meeting with the doctor. 

Jane: Mimi, have you met Tinu’s parents? Mr & Mrs. Badro, this is Mimi. Like my daughter, she had been very supportive at carrying for your daughter. 

Jimmy: Mimi, please tell me did Tinu mention to you anything about where she’ll likely be?

Mimi: No Sir. I was excitedly coming over to see her this morning. I was with her yesterday after Mrs.Barakat left. She did not say a word about abandoning her baby talk less mentioning where she might likely be headed. 

Doctor Princewill: I also had sometime with her to talk. I was encouraging her not to make any mistake again because aside Mrs. Barakat and her friend Mimi, their was no one who showed up as the father of the child. 

**[The baby started crying again.]** 

Bimpe: Doctor please let me see the baby. I cannot bear hearing the baby crying. 

Doctor Princewill: *[Beckon’s on all to come along]* Let’s walk over to see the baby. Nurse please get the baby’s formula ready. 

**[As they walk over to see the baby Mrs. Badro break out in tears. Mimi could not hold back her tears either.]** 

Jane: *[Consoles Mrs. Badro]* Madam, please pull yourself together. This is definitely hurting but you have bear up and be strong. 

Bimpe: *[Wipe her tears]* I find it hard to understand why Tinu did this to me. Where did I go wrong as a mother? 

**[Nurse 1 come in with the baby formula]** 

Bimpe: *[Takes the baby formula from Nurse 1 while Mimi burst out in tears and ran out to the hospital reception]* Please let me give the formula to the baby. 

Jimmy: *[Without any emotions addressing his wife]* You’re getting emotional over the baby but the one who gave birth to it did not have this much emotion. 

Bimpe: This is my blood.  

Jimmy: Your blood? I hope you understand what you’re saying. 

Doctor Princewill: Madam, please let the nurse continue feeding the while we conclude our discussion. 

**[At the reception nurse 2 and 3 are comforting Mimi]** 

Nurse 3: Mimi, you did your best as a good friend should. You need not blame yourself for anything. 

Mimi: *[Damping her tears]* Thanks to both of you for cheering me up. I’m just so worried where Tinu could have gone. 

Nurse 2: You must have been very close friends. What kind of life was Tinu living? 

Mimi: *[Angrily]* I beg your pardon! Where is that question coming from! *[She stood up and walked on outside.]* 

**[Doctor Princewill, Mr. & Mrs. Badro and Mrs. Barakat walked off the private ward living nurse 1 behind to care for the baby]** 

Doctor Princewill: Mr. & Mrs. Badro, do you have an idea who might be responsible for your daughter’s pregnancy? 

Bimpe: My husband did not allow the opportunity for us to find out.   

Jimmy: I was just too irritated at the thought of my daughter pregnant when she is suppose to be focused at her studies. 

Doctor Princewill: Mrs. Barakat, I remember asking you the same question but you rather Tinu delivers safely first then she can answer by herself. Do you have any idea? 

Jane: I reckon Tinu was very secretive about that. All through her stay me she never did mention even when I ask. My daughter, Anniel and Mimi her close friends do not even have an idea who of who is responsible. 

Doctor Princewill: That means no one else will come asking after the baby more so the mother has abandoned her baby. I’ll go ahead with the arrangement I’ve put in place to ensure that the baby is well cared for and that I can give some level of supervision. 

Bimpe: Doctor, please let me know where. 

Doctor Princewill: Madam, I can’t guarantee that. 

**[They walked up to the reception but did not see Mimi]** 

Jane: *[Adresses nurse 2 &3]* Has Mimi gone?  

Nurse 3: No she is standing outside. 

Mimi: *[Looks at nurse 2 & 3 disdainfully]* I needed some fresh air so I went on outside. 

Doctor Princewill: *[Adresses nurse 2]* Please accompany me on the ward round. Mrs. Barakat, Mr. & Mrs. Badro and, Mimi, please do have a nice day. 

Jimmy: Doctor, can you stay hold on your arrangement till you hear from me tomorrow. 

Doctor Princewill: If my contact gets back to me quickly I’ll kick start the process. The hospital does not have the facilities to care for an infant. 

**[Doctor Princewill left the group. Mrs. Barakat, Mr. & Mrs. Badro and, Mimi stayed a while to assess the situation]**

Bimpe: Please Mimi my daughter, can’t you remember if Tinu said anything about running away to somewhere? 

Mimi: I’m sorry ma, I wish I have any idea. 

Jimmy: But you have been friends’ right from your secondary school days, right? 

Mimi: Yes sir. 

Jimmy: Has she ever mentioned to you the man friend she was keeping? 

Mimi: No sir. 

Jimmy: *[With a look of disgust on his face]* What worries me is that my own daughter has been sleeping around with the expatriates that come to the town. The very thing I disgust with the young girls engaged in such. Little did I realize my own daughter is one of them. 

Bimpe: Please my husband how can you be sure of that. 

Jimmy: How do you explain the looks of the baby.  

Jane: I think right now the focus should be the whereabout of you daughter. 

Jimmy: *[With a suspicious on his face]* You are right and I’ll surely involve the Police. 

Bimpe: *[Addresses Jane]* Please madam, do you think your daughter will have an idea of Tinu’s whereabout? 

Jane: I know three of them have been very close friends. If Mimi does not know I’ll doubt my daughter having an idea. However, I’m still engaging my daughter in conversations about this. 

Jimmy: Why is your daughter not here? 

Jane: She is schooling outside the country. 

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