Indemnity  S02E07

**[Jane place a call through to Anniel in SA]** 

Jane: *[Anniel picked up her call]* Anniel dear, how are you today?

Anniel: My day was very busy with lectures unending. How are you too mum? Are you not feeling lonely all by yourself in Nigeria? 

Jane: Whenever I start to get lonely, it will be time to visit SA I can assure you that. Is your dad back from the office yet? 

Anniel: Yes! He is taking his bath. 

Jane: Anniel, as you already know Tinu abandoned her baby at the hospital. Please tell me honestly, do you know where she’ll likely be? 

Anniel: Mum, I’m as confused and disturbed as you are. Tinu had been very secretive about her pregnancy. I’ve never stopped dialing her number but never going through. 

Jane: Anniel, I want you to think really hard if you can get any clue as her whereabouts. 

Anniel: Mum, I’ve been thinking but will keep thinking. 

Jane: please tell your dad I’ll call him tomorrow I feel like having an early night.  

Anniel: Goodnight mum. I’ll deliver your message to dad. *[Jane hang up the call while Anniel soliloquize]* Oh my! This whole secret plan of ours is becoming more emotionally draining than three of us ever thought. When and how will this end? Can Mimi and I really hold on without spilling the beans? Tinu, please put a call through to Mimi and I at least lest us know you’re ok *[Anniel did not not when her father walked to the living room]* 

Oscar: *[Call out to Anniel who seem to be in a trans.]* Anniel! Anniel! Are you alright? 

Anniel: *[Shake off her trans]* Oh sorry dad. I was just worried about mum staying back in Nigeria all by herself. 

Oscar: Your mum seem to be ok with it and don’t forget she’s not ready shut down her business to move over to SA. Please serve me dinner I’m already taking if late. 

Anniel: Ok dad. Mum said she wants to have an early night and so she’ll call you up tomorrow.

**[Oscar had his meal along with chatting with Anniel over Tinu’s abandoning her baby at the hospital]** 

**[Doniye’s home. Family reclining at the living room just before bedtime]**

Frank: Mimi, what has happened with your friend Tinu at this time. 

Mimi: Tinu has not called anyone.  

Suzzy: So what about the innocent child? 

Mimi: Tinu’s parents along with Anniel’s mother had a meeting with the doctor. I do not know the outcome of the meeting.   

Phil: I still don’t get it. No one knows the whereabout of Tinu. Not even you and Anniel her closest friends? There is something fishy here. 

Mimi: Big brother Africa, what are you insinuating? 

Phil: Lil sis, I’m not insinuating anything. I’m just concerned that Tinu would hide this much from both of you. *[Phil walks off to his room]* Mum, dad, lil sis it’s good night from me. 

Suzzy: *[Responded at the same time as Frank in same set of words]* Good night son. 

Frank: *[Walk over to Suzzy to peck her forehead]* Do not keep me waiting in the bedroom. 

Suzzy: Go to bed lover boy. 

Mimi: Dad, both of you should not spoil me. 

Suzzy: Mimi, are you jealous? 

Frank: Mimi, I know you modern girls have much more to do with romance than what you observe your mom and I do. At the time you’re married, you’ll not be in want of romantic moments with your husband. 

Mimi: Dad, that’s so sweet a statement from you. I hope to get a husband like you. 

Frank: You just keep being your mom’s best friend and you’ll surely get a husband better than me. *[Holds Mimi’s right arm with both arms and then walked his bedroom]* 

Suzzy: *[Gestures at Mimi to seat next to her]* Young lady, please come sit next to me. *[As Mimi seats]* Mimi, please tell me sincerely, are you certain that Anniel and yourself have no idea of what Tinu is up to. 

Mimi: Mum, Tinu had never disclose this present situation to Anniel nor myself. Anniel and I are as surprised as everyone that have encountered Tinu abandoning her baby at the hospital. 

Suzzy: Ok young lady, this eyes of mine are full of sleep and your dad is waiting. Good night. 

Mimi: *[Suzzy left Mimi in the living room. Mimi stayed back soliloquizing]*. Tinu, it’s apparent this whole secret plan of ours is going to be more involving than any of us had envisioned. Please Tinu call to tell you’re ok. Anniel, I hope you are ready to hold on to your side of our secret plan. 

Anniel: *[Also soliloquizing back at SA]* Tinu, Mimi it’s still one for all and all for one. I hope we’re all ready for where our secret plan will take us. Tinu is out of reach. Mimi, let’s keep holding to our sides of our secret plan. 

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