Indemnity  S02E08

Simple: *[Got to the gate to check who is at the gate]* Nah who dey knock gate like that? Make you no break the gate o. *[He slide open the peephole]* Yes nah who you be? 

Inspector Kola: *[Speaking from behind the gate]* Please is this the home of Mr. & Mrs. Barakat?

Simple: I beg nah who ona be? 

Inspector Kola: We’re Police inspectors from the state division. 

Simple: Make ona wait there first. *[Left the gate post to ring the door bell to the livingroom to inform Mrs. Barakat]* Mmaram, mmaram, mmaram. 

Jane: *[Walked to the door partially awake]* Simple, what is it that you’re waking me up at 7 a.m.? 

Simple: Mmaram, no vex. Two men dey for gate. Them say them be inspector. 

Jane: Inspector? What do they want?

Simple: Them first ask whether this nah Mr. & Mrs. Barakat home. I tell them say make them wait for gate.  

Jane: Please go tell them to hold on I’ll be at the gate soon. *[She walk back in for a change of clothing]* 

Simple: *[Hurried back to the gate and and address the officers through the gate peephole]* Make ona wait Mmaram dey come. 

Inspector Kola: Thank you but can we come into the compound and wait for her? 

Simple: No, ona go wait for outside the gate until Mmaram come *[Jane got to the gate at this point]* 

Jane: Simple, where are the men you said are asking to see me? 

Simple: Mmaram, them dey outside the gate. 

Jane: Please let them in *[Simple open the gate for allowing the gentlemen into the compound]* 

Inspector Kola: *[As they step into the compound]* I’m inspector Kola and my partner inspector Francis. 

Jane: *[Looking rather suspicious]* Can I see some IDs? 

Inspector Kola: *[Winked at inspector Francis to show is ID as he did]* We’re from the Trans-Amadi police station. Are you Mrs. Jane Barakat? 

Jane: Why do you ask? 

Inspector Francis: A report has been made to our division of the sudden disappearance of Miss Tinu Badro. 

Inspector Kola: Does that name mean anything to you? 

Jane: *[Beckons towards a shed at the corner with some chairs]* Please officers, let’s be seated over there.  

**[The 2 inspectors cross examined Jane and she supplied every detail they needed to know]** 

Inspector Francis: Mrs. Barakat, thanks for your cooperation thus far. One more thing, can you please give us a contact phone number we can reach your daughter on in SA? 

Jane: Please let me put my husband in the know of the investigation carried on as it’s his number you’ll get my daughter on. 

Inspector Kola: Ok, herewith our contact number so you can call and give us the number. 

Inspector Francis: Can we have you number too so we can call if we don’t have to come over. 

Jane: *[Hands out complementary card from her phone pouch]* Herewith my card. I’ll call you at mid-day when I would have spoken with my husband.  

**[The police inspectors left the Barakat’s compound]** 

Jane: *[Dialed up her husband as the inspectors left the compound]* Hi my weakness. 

Oscar: Hi sweet. To what do I owe this early call? 

Jane: Please tell me first of all. What is the xenophobic attack like in Cape Town? 

Oscar: it’s calmer over here but there is fright in the air. 

Jane: My love, I’ll prefer to have you and Anniel back here in Nigeria while you still can before things start to get out of control in Cape Town.  

Oscar: I’ve an open ticket ready should it start to get messy in Cape Town, Anniel and I will be in the first flight to Nigeria. So what’s going on with you in Nigeria? 

Jane: I had 2 police inspectors visiting me this morning investigating the disappearance of Tinu Badro. 

Oscar: I was hoping it won’t get to this. Were they questioning like you’re a suspect? 

Jane: Not really. They were quite professional in their approach. I was able to satisfy their questions. They asked to speak with Anniel. I had to tell you first before giving your number to them if you’re ok with it before I giving them. 

Oscar: It’s ok only tell them the best time to call. 

Jane: Ok I will. Nigerian’s are now going after South African’s and their belongings in Abuja. Please my dear, again I’ll want to have you and Anniel back in Nigeria safe. 

Oscar: Baby love, you can count on that. Please you be careful with how you give information to the police so they don’t incriminate you. You know how they are. *[Both end call]* 

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