Indemnity S02E09

*[ Blossom Child Welfare Home. Lots of activities going on with children of all ages]*   

Ivy: Princes, please get me the file of the infant we just got in the center. Please ask Mrs. Nda to come along with you. 

Princes: I’ll get the files. Mrs. Nda is very busy with some of the children. 

Ivy: Is Winnie free at the moment?  

Princes: Yes! 

Ivy: Then have her come along with you. 

Prince: There she is just walking by. 

Ivy: Please call her to come over right away.

Prince: *[Beckons at Winnie]* Winnie, please come madam seeks audience with you.

Winnie: *[In Ivy’s office]* Madam, that you seek audience with me?

Ivy: Yes Winnie, please have your seat. Princes is getting the file of the infant we just got in the home. I want us to come up with a name for the infant.

Winnie: Oh ok *[Princes walked in with the file]*

Princes: Herewith the file madam.

Ivy: Thanks. Princes, you can seat in as well. *[Princes settle in the second office chair]* I want us to come up with a fitting name for the new infant in our home.

Princes: Every time I look at the baby, I quickly remember the flower call Daisy. In the midst of other children, the infant appears like the flower.

Winnie: I agree with Princes. Daisy is a fitting name and I know it’s one the baby girl will grow up to like.

Ivy: That was quick. Princes, it’s like you’ve been doing some thinking ahead of us. I also like the name Daisy. Princes, you’ll please call in our lawyer to get ready an affidavit that will be in the file.

Winnie: I have to get back to my role, the young ladies and gentlemen are waiting for the mentoring talk on choice of career.

Princes: Madam, there is an adoption application for a child from this home that requires deliberation.

Ivy: Thanks for reminding me. When you put a call through to the lawyer regarding the affidavit, tell him I need to see him with regards to the application for adoption as well.

**[Winnie left to the hall where the teenage children are already gathered for there motivational talk]**

Ivy: Princes, I notice you’re very fond the new infant or should I say Daisy.

Prince: Your observation is correct madam. I wonder how a young lady will abandon such a lovely baby at the hospital. If I have my way, I’ll make such lady pay dearly for bastardly act.

Ivy: Its ok. I’ll put you in charge of ensuring Daisy’s needs are met at all times.

Princes: Madam, this is additional to my job as your PA. That means I should be expecting a pay rise.

Ivy: *[Smiles]* I could almost read you that you’re going to come up with that. Anyway, be rest assured you’ll be getting a pay rise but you do the job first.

**[Bimpe is at the hospital to visit her daughter’s abandoned baby and the doctor]**

Bimpe: *[Addressing the nurses at the hospital reception]* Good day my daughters. How are you all today and how is my baby doing. I hope the baby has not been crying. Please can I go see the baby?

Nurse 2: Oh know madam. The doctor has instructed us that no one should be allowed to see the baby in his absence.

Bimpe: I am not “know one” I’m the baby’s grandmother and that’s my daughter’s child I’m asking to see.

Nurse 1: We definitely are not denying that mam but the doctor has instructed.

Bimpe: Ok then can I see the doctor?

Nurse 1: He is yet in the hospital. Please ma, you can sit down and wait for him.

Bimpe: Ok. You nurses most be doing a good job, I’ve not heard the cry of my grand daughter since I came into the hospital.

Nurse 2: Thank you madam.

**[Nurse 1 left the hospital reception as a patient needs attention]**

Nurse 2: *[Soliloquy]* Oh my, doctor has not informed this woman that the baby has been taking to a welfare home. We almost let the cat out of the basket. The news may shock her. I think I should inform the doctor so he can get himself prepared *[Stop soliloquy to address Bimpe]* Madam, the doctor will be informed that you’re waiting to see him.

Bimpe: Thank you my dear. *[Soliloquy]* I’m surprise at this kind of instruction from the doctor. I should ask them to give me his number maybe these nurses are just toying with me. Tinu, Tinu, Tinu how I wish you had come back home with the baby. You brothers and sisters were all looking forward to your return back home *[Soliloquy stops at the entry of two police inspectors into the hospital reception]*

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