Indemnity S02E10

**[The police inspectors identified themselves to the nurse at the hospital reception.]**
Nurse 2: Please inspectors, the doctor you seek has not resumed yet. 
Bimpe: *[Soliloquy]* So they were telling the truth or would they also lie to the inspectors. 

Inspector Francis: Well then, let him know we come asking after him and that will be back in 3 hours time. 

Inspector Kola: *[Turning to Bimpe]* Pardon me madam, you look worried, is everything alright? 

Bimpe: I’ve been here going to an hour waiting to see the doctor who has instructed the nurses not to allow anyone see my granddaughter. 

Inspector Francis: You mean your daughter put to birth in this hospital? 

Bimpe: Yes! 

Inspector Kola: Did the doctor also instruct the nurses that your daughter should not be seen also? 

Bimpe: My daughter his no longer in the hospital. 

Inspector Kola: How do you mean? 

Bimpe: My daughter abandoned her baby in the hospital with no knowledge of her whereabout. 

Inspector Francis: When did this happen? 

Bimpe: Today makes it the fifth day. 

Inspector Francis: Please madam, what is the name of your daughter? 

Bimpe: Tinu, Tinu Badro. 

**[The inspectors glanced at each other and continued with the interrogation]** 

Inspector Kola: You’re Mrs. Badro. 

Bimpe: Yes. Why do I get the feeling you have me on your list to be interrogated. 

Inspector Francis: Coincidentally, we are investigating the sudden disappearance of the same Miss Tinu Badro. 

Inspector Kola: Please madam, inform your husband that we’ll be visiting your home later in the day. 

**[The inspectors excused themselves and left the hospital]** 

Inspector Kola: Nurse, please let the doctor know we were here and will be back in 2 hours time. 

Bimpe: *[Walk towards nurse 2 at the reception counter]* Please my daughter tell me my grand daughter is okay. I’ve not heard her cry for over an hour I’ve been in the hospital. Kindly allow me go see my granddaughter.

Nurse 2: The doctor is almost here. At least in the next 20 minutes he’ll be in the hospital. Please madam be a little more patient. 

Bimpe: Please just tell me my granddaughter is okay. 

Nurse 2: Yes, she is okay. 

Bimpe: Well, I’ll won’t leave the hospital until I’ve set my eyes on my granddaughter. 

**[Doctor Princewill drives into the hospital, walks to the hospital reception]** 

Bimpe: *[Not waiting for the doctor to settle in]* Good morning doctor. I’ve been waiting all the while for you. The nurses said you instructed them not to allow anyone see my granddaughter. 

Doctor Princewill: Please madam, lets go to my office. 

Bimpe: Let me see my granddaughter first before going to your office. 

Doctor Princewill: Tinu’s baby is no longer in the hospital. 

Bimpe: What! What do you mean!? 

Doctor Princewill: Shall we then go to my office so I can tell you what I mean? 

**[Doctor Princewill told Bimpe where Tinu’s baby is but will not give name and address. Bimpe is raven mad about the idea of putting her granddaughter in a welfare home when she is still alive]** 

Bimpe: Are you out of your mind?! You must be joking. Is this what you and Mrs. Barakat have been planning all along. My husband was right. You better get my granddaughter out of whatever welfare home you and Mrs. Barakat had kept her. If you don’t, you’ll not see me this friendly the next time I return. 

Doctor Princewill: Madam, Mrs. Barakat has absolutely nothing to do with this. It is our hospital procedure. 

Bimpe: Then you wait for my own procedure. *[Walk angrily out of doctor Princewill office, straight through the reception without noticing anyone.]* 

Nurse 2: *[In the doctor’s office]* Doctor, two police inspectors were here this morning asking to see you. 

Doctor Princewill: Did they say what for. 

Nurse 2: No. However, I suspect it has to do with Tinu’s sudden disappearance as they coincidentally met and interrogated Tinu’s mother. 

Doctor Princewill: Oh she was here when the inspectors came? 

Nurse 2: Yes. They said they’ll be back in two hours. Which means in 45 minutes time they’ll be here. 

Doctor Princewill: That’s ok. Please get me the file of the patient in ward 6. 

**[Mrs. Badro got home visibly angry]** 

Jimmy: Iyawo mi e ka bo *[My wife you’re welcome, in Nigeria Yoruba dialect]* Why are you so upset? 

Bimpe: Can you believe that Doctor Princewill has sent my granddaughter to a child welfare home? 

Jimmy: Bimpe, Bimpe, where else do you want that child to be. Were you thinking of bringing that child to our home? 

Bimpe: Is the child not my granddaughter? Is her mother not my child? So where else should the child be? 

Jimmy: Bimpe, know that I’ll not allow a bastard under the same roof with my children. So you better start readjusting your emotions. 

Bimpe: It is our daughter’s child we’re talking about here.  

Jimmy: Yes I know but it does not change my position. 

Bimpe: While at the hospital, two police inspectors came. The said they’re investigating the sudden disappearance of our daughter Tinu.   

Jimmy: When I got to the police station, I was told that a report has already been lodged for the same person I am reporting about.

Bimpe: So who lodged the report? 

Jimmy: I was refused the information and that investigation is already under way. 

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