Number: did you knows

  1. Your blood is 6 times thicker than water 
  2. Sound travels 15 times faster through steel than air22% of people skip lunch daily 
  3. The average person swallows 295 times during a meal 
  4. 72% of people eavesdrop 
  5. 45% of people use mouthwash daily 
  6. On average 22% of all restaurant meals include potato chips 
  7. The US produces 19% of the world’s trash 
  8. 59% of people say that their average looking 
  9. 53% of women don’t leave home without makeup on 
  10. 44% of people have broken a bone 
  11. 9% of people skip breakfast daily 
  12. Chocolate manufacturers use 40% of the world’s almonds 
  13. 90% people depend on alarm clocks to wake up 
  14. 21% of people don’t make their bed in the morning 
  15. 85% of women wear the wrong bra size 
  16. The number 1 reason why people purchase a mobile phone is for safety 
  17. The Earth experiences over 50,000 earthquakes a year 
  18. 75% of people wouldn’t give up their spouse for a night for a $1,000,000 
  19. A standard 747 jumbo jet has 420 seats 

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