When Knowledge Is Illiteracy:  Mind Extract

Defining knowledge is like determining the volume of air in the atmosphere. We admit their is knowledge since it is perceivable in our very existence. While we cannot put any limit to knowledge, that is to say knowledge abounds, there are accurate and inaccurate knowledge. The process of accepting which knowledge is accurate and or inaccurate is scientific. The era of self realization and actualization that humanity have reached has given rise to so many school of thoughts used to drive home individualistic as well as group perception of life psychologically, sociologically, ecologically, politically, medically, religiously and otherwise. From the dictionary of thoughts comes this quote “as soon as a thought (Knowledge) has entered our mind, it gives a light which makes us see a crowd of other objects or Knowledge we have never perceived before”-Johnson. While some knowledge from these varying school of thoughts are accurate on one hand, on the other hand some are inaccurate. The question that comes to our mind with this back ground is, how can it be determined intellectually (mind processing of information) an accurate and or inaccurate knowledge?

Certified literates quickly despise with levity the opinions and views of assumed illiterates. Certified literates sees assumed illiterates as void of knowledge. An illiterate is void of knowledge only because he/she does not know what a certified literate has acquired by way of certification of Knowledge in the fore walls of an an academic building complex. However, knowledge lies within the brain cells of illiterates as much as it does literates.  

We are living in the era of skepticism, everyone that encounters Knowledge of any kind must ask who, when and, why for such Knowledge to be assimilated and kept as a reference in the future. Everyone seem to have individualistic or group opinion of what maybe going around as perceived Knowledge. 

When knowledge is projected religiously, politically, corporately, medically, socially, physiological etc but proven to be inaccurate yet adherents insist its accurate, what could be wrong? Could it be a case of Illiteracy cloaked by pride or “What's scary in life is not what people know (or don't know), but what they know that ain't so.” – Leroy “sachel” Paige 

However, that we hold claim to any knowledge means we all started off as illiterates. That anyone is perceived as an illiterate does not in any way mean that the individual is void of knowledge. One with knowledge but cannot relate with the knowledge a perceived illiterate has, makes any claim to knowledge Illiteracy. 

The concept of the words knowledge and Illiteracy are not absolute but relative to what is acquired by learning, observation, and experience and vice versa.. 

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