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  1. After Hawaii, New York is the state surrounded by the most water 
  2. Ice skating rinks always go counter clock wise (for the majority of people that are right handed needing to hang onto the rail) 
  3. Crocodiles are responsible for over a 1,000 deaths each year by the Banks of the Nile river 
  4. New York was once called New Amsterdam 
  5. Hawaii officially became apart of the US in 1900 
  6. The D.C. in Washington D.C. stands for District of Columbia 
  7. New York contains 920km (571miles) of shoreline 
  8. The Dead Sea is actually an inland lake 
  9. The water in the Dead Sea is so salty that its easier to float than sink 
  10. Rio de Janeiro translates to river of January 
  11. All of the cobble stones used to line the streets in New York were originally stones found in the hulls of Belgian ships ballast 
  12. Britain was the first country to use postage stamps 
  13. The oldest exposed surface on Earth is New Zealand’s south island 
  14. Hypnotism is banned in public schools in San Diego (U.S.) 
  15. Over a third of all pineapples come from Hawaii 
  16. The largest island in the Mediterranean sea is Sicily 
  17. The first taxi service began in New York in 1907 
  18. Antarctica is 98% ice and 2% barren rock 
  19. The world’s first paved streets were laid in Rome in 170 B.C. 
  20. 80% of the world’s rose species come from Asia 

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