Indemnity  S02E11

Inspector Francis: Doctor Princewill, thanks for your cooperation, giving clear answers to our interrogations. Just a question on my mind. What is your relationship with Mrs. Barakat?

Doctor Princewill: I’m the family doctor for five years now. 

Inspector Kola: Apart from Mrs. Barakat, do you know of anyone else that may have had an encounter with Tinu Badro? 

Doctor Princewill: Tinu Badro was a classmate and close friend to Anniel Barakat and Mimi Doniye. 

Inspector Kola: Don’t you think these close friend of Tinu Badro may have an idea were she may likely be? 

Doctor Princewill: I do not know. Mimi Doniye was equally surprise at Tinu abandoning her newly born in the hospital. 

Inspector Francis: Anniel Barakat did not come to the hospital? 

Doctor Princewill: Oh no she didn’t because she has been in South Africa with her father after her secondary school. 

Inspector Francis: Which of the welfare homes is Tinu’s baby taken? 

Doctor Princewill: Please I’m giving this information because I know it’s important to your investigation in as much as I want to keep it confidential. The baby is taking to Blossom Child Welfare Home. 

**[The inspectors left satisfied with the information gotten but indicated they’ll be back if need be]** **[The inspectors made a check at Blossom Child Welfare Home]** 

Security Agent: *[Respond to knocks on the security gate]* Please can I know you, sirs? 

Inspector Kola: We are inspectors from the divisional Police. We seek audience with the director of this organization. 

Security Agent: Can I see some IDs? *[Both inspectors flash there badges]* Ok please hold let me put a call through. 

Princess: *[Answers an intercom]* Please hang up the phone, I’ll call you back. *[Walks to Ivy’s office]* Can I come in? 

Ivy: Oh please Princess, come right in. 

Princess: I just had a call from the security post that there are two inspectors from the Police division. 

Ivy: Please ask the security agent to let the inspectors in and once they get here, you should come in and sit with us. 

Princess: Ok Ivy. *[Walk back to her desk to call the security post.]* Please direct the inspectors to the director’s office. 

**[The security agent did just so. The inspectors got to Princess office]** 

Princess: Good day, you must be the inspectors seeking audience with the director. 

Inspector Francis: Correct mam. Are you the one? 

Princess: Oh not at all but please come with me. *[As they walk to Ivy’s office, inspector Francis cannot take his eyes off Princess. She knocks and open the door to Ivy’s office]* The inspectors’ are here, Ivy.  

Ivy: Please ask them in. *[Princess usher the inspectors into Ivy’s office. Coincidentally, she cut glances with inspector Francis staring lustfully at her. She smiled coquettishly.]* 

Inspector Francis: Thanks mam. *[Inspector Kola could sense Inspector Francis is acting rather strange.]* 

Ivy: *[Gestures at the inspectors to have their sits while she rounds up what she was doing on the iPad.]* Please inspectors. 

Princess: *[Walk into Ivy’s office with a note in hand]* Ivy, I hope this is not distraction for you. 

Ivy: Oh no Princess, I cannot be too busy not to attend to two inspectors seeking audience with me. Sorry inspectors, how can our organization be of help to you? 

Inspector Kola: *[Clears throat]* We’re investigating the sudden disappearance of a young lady by name Tinu. 

Ivy: And our Organization can help you with that? 

Inspector Francis: Please mam, what does the name doctor Princewill mean to you? 

Ivy: Doctor Princewill is one of my client. 

Inspector Francis: What kind of client is he to your organization? 

Ivy: He is a gynecologist, owns an hospital in town. 

Inspector Francis: When last did he do business with you? 

Ivy: A little above a month ago. 

Inspector Kola: What form of business? 

Ivy: *[A little hesitant but yielded]* Doctor Princewill gave an infant to our home for adequate care which our home is reputed for. 

Princess: *[Impatiently]* Where are all these questions heading? 

Inspector Francis: *[Professionally]* Please mam, don’t obscure the process. 

Ivy: Princess, it’s ok. The inspectors are doing there job. By the way, inspectors, did doctor Princewill send you to me? 

Inspector Francis: We’re investigating the sudden disappearance of a lady by name Tinu. 

Inspector Kola: Do you know where she’ll likely be? 

Ivy: That name was only mentioned to me as the young lady that abandoned the infant doctor Princewill handed to our home for adequate care. 

Inspector Francis: You never met with her at anytime? 

Ivy: I would have loved to but never did. 

Inspector Kola: Thank you madam for your straight clear answers. Please do not hesitate to call on us should you have useful information that can help with investigation. 

Inspector Francis: *[With a masculine flirtatious stare at Princess]* Mam, I like your disposition.. 

Princes: *[Chest raised up, with corresponding feminine flirtatious look and tone of voice]* Thanks for the compliment inspector. 

**[The inspectors walk out of Ivy’s office to the security entrance with Princess walking them. Inspector Francis taking time to cut flirtatious glances at her. Just before the inspectors exit the gates, Princess winked an eye at the inspectors]** 

Inspector Kola: *[Outside the premises of the welfare home]* Now partner, can you just tell me what all that was about? *[Inspector Francis simple gave a deep pleasurable smile with without answering inspector Kola]* 

Ivy: *[As Princess walked back to her office]* Princess, please tell me it’s not what I’m thinking. 

Princess: Well, I’ll wait to see if the inspector is clever enough to get the message correctly and if he is man enough to reply the message. 

Ivy: Hmmm

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