Indemnity  S02E12

**[Inspectors on conference call to Mr. Barakat and Anniel Barakat in South Africa]** 

Inspector Francis: *[The call is picked up]* Good day sir, is this Mr. Barakat?

Oscar: Yes, this is Mr. Barakat speaking. May I know whom I’m speaking to? 

Inspector Francis: You’re on a conference call with inspector Kola and I, inspector Francis. 

Oscar: You’re the same inspectors that went to my wife. 

Inspector Kola: Very correct Mr. Barakat. That gives the impression you have an idea why we’re calling. Is your daughter home at this time? 

Oscar: Yes, my daughter Anniel is around. You couldn’t have called at a better time. I’ll call her to my room and I’ll place my phone on speaker because I want to be part of your conversation with my daughter. *[walks towards and open up the door to his room to call Anniel.]* 

Inspector Francis: Mr. Barakat, it’s ok for you to listen to listen to our conversation with your daughter. 

**[Anniel answered her father’s call and walk over to his room]** 

Oscar: *[As Anniel walks into his room, he muted his phone]* Anniel, dear, two inspectors are on a conference call from Nigeria and they’ll like to speak with you. Remember, you don’t have to answer any question you don’t clearly understand. Are you set for this. 

Anniel: It’s ok dad, it’s what I know I can talk about. Please put them on. 

Oscar: *[Unmute his phone]* Ok inspectors my daughter is here now. 

Inspector Kola: Good day young lady. Your father must have told you who are on the phone. It’s a conference call. I’m inspector Kola and inspector Francis is with me on the call. 

Anniel: I’m Anniel Barakat. It’s a pleasure having you inspectors on the call. 

Inspectors Francis: Do you know a lady by the name Tinu Badro. 

Anniel: Yes I do. We were classmates and she is a dear friend of mine. 

Inspector Francis: When last did you hear from her? 

Anniel: I had a sent-forth party the day I left Nigeria for South Africa. She was present at the party and that was the last I’ve heard of or seen her. 

Inspector Kola: What was her condition at the time. 

Anniel: She was heavily pregnant and almost due at the time. 

Inspector Kola: Would you know if she has put to birth now? 

Anniel: Another of my classmate, also a dear friend, told me she had put to birth. 

Inspector Francis: Do you know how she is doing with her baby? 

Anniel: I do not have the slightest idea. 

Inspector Francis: And she is a dear friend to you? 

Anniel: The other classmate of mine told me that after Tinu Badro put to birth, she abandoned the baby and her whereabouts is unknown. 

Inspector Kola: Who is this former classmate that told you these? 

Anniel: Her name is Mimi Doniye. 

Inspector Francis: How close were three of you? 

**[Home of the Doniye’s]** 

Mimi: *[Speaking with her mom]* I learnt that inspection is ongoing over the sudden disappearance of Tinu. 

Suzzy: I’m surprised. Who could be pushing for such investigation when Tinu’s parents did not seem be bordered at all. Mimi, please I’ll want you to tell me the truth, as close as three of you were Tinu never voiced out this present action of hers. 

Mimi: Mom, I would have told you all this while. I can’t wait to resume my degree program so I clear my head of all these pressure of Tinu’s disappearance. 

Suzzy: Young lady, I know you’re anxious but you’ll have wait for your brothers return so you don’t miss yourselves.  

Mimi: I surely will wait for my big brother Africa. I’ll not miss his party for anything in the world. My brother an MSc holder in Chemical Engineering. 

**[Conference call between the inspectors and Anniel holding]** 

Oscar: *[Cutting in]* Inspectors, I believe my daughter have you information that should suffice for your investigation. If you’ll excuse us, we’ll like to get busy with some other activities of the day. 

Inspector Kola: Mr. Barakat, thank you for your patience and time. Anniel, thank you too for your time. Should we have need, we’ll make another call. I hope you’ll not mind. 

Oscar: it’s ok with us. Bye 

Inspector Francis: *[Inspector Kola at the same time]* Bye. *[End call]* 

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