Quantifiable: did you knows

  1. New York contains 920km (571miles) of shoreline 
  2. 1 gigayear = 1,000,000,000,000 years 
  3. The Moons diameter is 3,476km 
  4. The human body contains 96,000km(59,650miles) of blood vessels 
  5. On average you blink 25,000 a day 
  6. Men have 10% more red blood cells than women 
  7. 1 square inch of human skin contains 625 sweat glands 
  8. Your normal body temperature is 37C (99F) 
  9. You shed a complete layer of skin every 4 weeks 
  10. Minus 40C is exactly the same temperature as minus 40F 
  11. There is enough petrol in a full tank of a Jumbo Jet to drive the average car 4 times around the world 
  12. Sir Isaac Newton was 23 when he discovered the law of gravity 
  13. The world’s knowledge is growing so fast that 90% of what we will know in 50 years time will be discovered in those 50 years 
  14. According to the old English time system a moment is 1 and a half minutes 
  15. Oxygen, carbon, hydrogen and nitrogen make up 90% of the human body 
  16. Most birds eat twice their body weight each day 
  17. Dolphins can hear underwater sounds from 24km (15miles) away 
  18. Each year there is one ton of cement poured for each man, woman, and child 
  19. The US shreds 7,000 tons of worn out currency each year 
  20. Americans spend $10 million a day on potato chips 

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