Sound: did you knows

  1. White cats with blue eyes are usually deaf 
  2. Wind doesn’t make a sound until it blows against an object 
  3. There is no sound in spaceound travels 4.3 times faster through water than in air 
  4. To crack a whip the tip must be travelling faster than the speed of sound 
  5. Dolphins can hear underwater sounds from 24km (15miles) away 
  6. Most cows produce more milk when they listen to music 
  7. Elephants communicate in sound waves below the frequency that humans can hear 
  8. Sound travels 15 times faster through steel than air 
  9. A cat can keep purring while inhaling and exhaling 
  10. A whip makes a cracking sound because its tip moves faster than the speed of sound 
  11. Sound travels 10 times faster through granite than air 
  12. Dolphin’s can detect underwater sounds from 24 km (15 miles) away 
  13. When baby polar bear cubs are born they cannot see or hear for their first month 
  14. Akousticophobia is the fear of noises 
  15. Melophobia is the fear of music 
  16. Lion’s can’t roar until the age of 2 

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