Statistic: did you knows

  1. Sound travels 4.3 times faster through water than in air 
  2. Soccer is the most followed sport 
  3. That in developed countries 27% of food is thrown away 
  4. The odds of being struck by lightning are 600,000 to 1 
  5. Niagara Falls could fill 4,000 bathtubs every second 
  6. Your most active muscles are in your eye 
  7. A banana contains 75% water 
  8. 13 eople die every year from vending machines 
  9. Rain contains vitamin B12 
  10. Your liver has over 500 functions 
  11. Your brain uses 25% of all the oxygen your breathe 
  12. After Hawaii, New York is the state surrounded by the most water 
  13. Ice skating rinks always go counter clock wise (for the majority of people that are right handed needing to hang onto the rail) 
  14. A flea can jump 350 times its body length 
  15. Cucumbers are 96% water. 
  16. A full moon is 9 times brighter than a half moon 
  17. A jellyfish is 95% water 
  18. Bats are the only mammals that fly 
  19. Every day 7% of the US eats at McDonalds 
  20. A snail can sleep for 3 years 

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